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Leadership: Taking Tough Decisions At the Right Time- Interview with Human Resources

Pratap Nambiar, CEO of Thought Perfect was recently interviewed by Ms.Lisa Cheong, Editor of Human Resources, a leading publication in Singapore for HR practitioners. In this interview (see video below), Pratap talks about the crucial role of leadership in an economic downturn and highlights the areas where business leaders need to do better.

According to him, where leaders don’t do so well is in managing talent and getting the best returns on their human capital. “It is very easy to take a ‘let’s please everybody’ kind of decision’ in an economic downturn,” he says, pointing to the trend of across-the-board pay cuts in organizations, irrespective of performance and individual contributions. “Leadership is about taking the tough decisions at the right time,” he emphasizes.

Are we creating a better world?

Our world is changing as it has never done before. Our challenges are more complex, more varied, and more global. We need to take a moment to pause and ponder, ask ourselves some basic questions- questions that will tell us if whatever we have achieved so far has really contributed to more happiness or less? Do we really comprehend the implications of all that we are driving towards, all that will irrevocably change the way we live in this world. What are we creating for the next generation? Are we creating a better world?