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Entrepreneurship success with clear thinking

N.R.Narayana Murthy, presently the Chief Mentor of Indian IT major Infosys, was asked recently: “What five things should young entrepreneurs do to succeed?”.

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Leadership development and self-awareness

A couple of months ago, TrainingZone carried an exclusive interview with Ken Blanchard, the co-author of the famed One Minute Manager series.

His interview touched upon several points that are at the core of what we try to do at Thought Perfect: self awareness for leaders for performance enhancement, leadership development and human capital management.

Below are some excerpts from the interview that business leaders will do well to remember.

Self-awareness is key to good leadership
“You have to teach people in the heart not just the head. …. one of the reasons why people make lousy leaders is that they don’t know who they are. …. If you don’t have your heart right, you don’t realise you are here to serve, not to be served.”

Leaders set the right goals and articulate their vision well
“Leading at a higher level involves setting the right goals. It is also crucial to set a compelling vision that tells people who you are, where you are going and what is going to guide your journey. The first part of leadership is showing direction.”

Leaders help people achieve desired results
“I define leading at a higher level as a process of helping people achieve worthwhile results. Leadership should take into account the needs and concerns of everyone in the business and not just think that profit is a worthwhile goal. Profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers and creating a motivating environment for your people.”

“If you don’t treat your people right, they will not take care of your customers.”

The first two points listed above epitomizes what we do as part of our leadership coaching. We help leaders become better aware of themselves and achieve complete clarity of thought, which enables them to make the right decisions and actions that result in perfect outcomes.

Building Trusted Relationships : A Workshop for Leaders\Managers

This workshop is meant for everybody in the firm who interacts with colleagues and of-course for those executives who interact with external clients\business partners. It is particularly relevant for B2B activities involving large value sales. Based on extensive research in the realms of social psychology, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Regent’s Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, has developed six key principles that can help us recognize the trigger features that increase the probability of success. Pratap Nambiar has worked extensively with Dr. Cialdini and will facilitate the workshop.


  • Enhance relationship development skills to shrink the time to relationships
  • Develop relationship strategies for individual pursuits
  • Increase confidence in helping clients answer “Why your company?”
  • Develop internal trust amongst teams
  • Develop and enhance broader service offerings across the market
  • Accelerate the process of achieving Trusted Partner Status
  • Reach/exceed growth goals


  • One day workshop
  • 18 leaders\managers per session (balanced representation from different business units)
  • One mentor\champion to be present for each session
  • Extensive interaction with your company examples and case studies.
  • One integrated case study to bring all the principles to life.


  • Reading Materials – One write up on the subject. Include message from the CEO
  • Each participant will bring one live target to plan how to apply the 6 principles in a live pursuit


  • Module 1: Explore concepts related to Trusted Advisor, relationship principles, and integrity, empathy, loyalty, etc., establish relevance of six principles
  • Module 2: Reciprocity
  • Module 3: Liking
  • Module 4: Authority
  • Module 5: Consistency
  • Module 6: Consensus
  • Module 7: Scarcity
  • Module 8: Integrated Case Study
  • Module 9: Live Pursuit Planning and Discussion; coaching/mentoring

Estimated Costs

  • Development and Facilitation cost estimated at us$1000 per attendee
  • Materials costs include a binder, cue card, and certificate
  • Event costs including location, space, refreshments, and meals, AV equipment to the client’s account
  • It will be necessary to interact with each business unit head for at least an hour to help develop relevant examples for each principle. Further it will be necessary to work with the Champion to develop an integrated case study.