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The Accidental Being

As human beings the most fundamental work that we need to focus on is the development of self. The complex, competitive, and fast changing world of today, has ensured that we live a life of accident rather than intent. It is when our way of being is accidental that we face the danger of calamities that befall us. In fact the constant threat of a calamity waiting to happen is more taxing than the calamity itself. Often we find that when the calamity occurs we do respond, dig deep, and manage to face the worst and even overcome it. But the unknowns are what lead to stress- the more success you have the more stressed you get. That is the price you pay for success. We talk about stress management as if that is given, as if it is an integral part of our lives. In reality you need to manage your internal systems, your thoughts, the basis of your joys, sorrows, ecstasies.

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