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Leaders are a lonely bunch, yet they can’t do it alone : The Business Times, Editorial section,June 17th, 2010

Tony Hayward the CEO of BP, got chastised for his remark “There is no one who wants this thing over more than me. I want my life back”. He apologized of course, but might still lose his job.

Clearly the oil spill caused by the explosion of BP’s rig in the Gulf of Mexico and the subsequent struggles of the technical team that could not cap the leak, was not Tony’s doing. But his comment which came as a result of his frustration and sincere desire to end the suffering for all (including his own) was seen as a poor example of leadership.

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Difficult Conversations.. ‘We need to talk’: The Straits Times, March 13

The ability to handle difficult conversations well is an essential leadership competence

A leader’s ability to successfully conduct difficult conversations with subordinates, peers or superiors can make the difference between success and failure – both for the leader and the organization.

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Heeding the moral compass in leadership: The Straits Times, March 10, 2010

England’s football Manager Fabio Capello has made it clear to John Terry that his extra-marital affair with the former fiancée of Wayne Bridge his England teammate made him unfit to be a leader.

In taking away the captaincy he said “I always ask the captain to be a role model for the children and the fans. But I will keep him in the team because I don’t think the team has lost respect for him”.

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