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Harsh Mariwala

Harsh Mariwala, Chairman & MD, Marico Ltd

Pratap Nambiar has been coaching three of my CEOs for the last one year and has been very effective in his engagement. He has had a transformational impact on them in terms of changing their behaviors to impact performance. I would strongly recommend him for leadership coaching assignments.

John Harrison

“Pratap has a wealth of experience having been involved in developing and building strong, trusted relationships both with clients externally as well as internally and through a wealth of experience in many countries having worked in a number of countries with people from many different cultures. Pratap has the ability to quickly get to the issue and have strategic conversations with C-level executives”.

John Harrison
Chairman, KPMG Asia-Pacific & Deputy Chairman, KPMG International

Peter Barge

Peter Barge“Pratap is one of those unique leaders that can successfully traverse cultures, industries and business challenges by drawing on truly varied and global life and business experiences that he has been fortunate to have been exposed to. A great listener and strategic thinker who can draw on a wealth of business successes and endeavors over many decades and market cycles”.

Peter Barge
Chairman-Asia Pacific, Jones Lang Lasalle

Dr.Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini“In many discussions with Pratap Nambiar on the topic, I quickly became impressed by his insightful recognition of the centrality of trusted relationships for business success and his deep understanding of the most effective approaches to achieving those relationships. He would be a marvelous coach and facilitator in this vitally important domain.”

Dr.Robert Cialdini
Noted Author & Regents’ Professor of Psychology & Marketing,
Arizona State University

Alistair D K Johnston

Alistair D K Johnston“I have always found that, whatever the issue, be it market strategy or competitive tactics, effective thinking and planning is enhanced greatly by constructive intellectual challenge based on experience and robust frameworks. Over the years, I have personally valued Pratap Nambiar’s advice and perspectives and found that his robust and practical input has contributed to a positive outcome that raised our performance”.

Alistair D K Johnston
Global Vice Chairman, KPMG LLP

Tan Siew Meng

Tan Siew Meng“I must say that Pratap is extremely sincere and passionate about bringing positive change in the professional and personal lives of his clients. He uses all his wealth of experience to build scenarios that helps maximize the performance potential of senior executives.

What I particularly enjoyed is that I made all the decisions and all he did was to help me develop perspectives that I possibly could not have done on my own. The methodology that he uses is well structured and since I knew the process in advance it saved us a lot of time.

I am sure that Profit Centre heads and CEOs will greatly benefit by achieving a clear minded approach to decision making through the validation of a lot of their ideas.”

Head of Commercial Banking | The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore

Sudip Mall

General Manager, Kraft Foods (Philippines)

“Strong coaching foundations are built on trusted relationships. Pratap has the uncanny ability to inspire trust. He takes you on a path of self discovery to bring out the best in you. The width and depth of his professional experience enables him to relate to the challenges faced by today’s corporate executives. He is passionate about his coaching role and he genuinely cares about the success of his mentees. I benefitted a lot from having him as a coach and would not hesitate to recommend him to other Senior Executives”

Koh Ban Heng

Koh Ban HengPratap Nambiar is sensitive to the challenges of CEOs irrespective of their own or company culture. He listens well, and constantly looks for opportunities to help them understand their strengths and limitations. He does not shy away from telling the truth, because his sincerity and passion to help others succeed allows him the freedom to do so.”

Koh Ban Heng
CEO & Executive Director, Singapore Petroleum Company Ltd

Sebastian Arcuri

Sebastian Arcuri“Pratap possess the key elements required to be a successful executive coach. He has the business experience required to deal with C-level executives, the ability to think strategically, and above all, the passion to help others succeed.

Pratap has built a successful professional career working across different cultures, business and geographies which makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to leading a wide variety of coaching projects.

Having personally experienced Pratap in action, I would not hesitate to recommend him as an executive coach for senior business leaders.”

Sebastian Arcuri
Head of PFS | The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Gerard Chai

Gerard ChaiPratap Nambiar draws from a wealth of experience working over many years with C-level executives globally. His ability to have strategic conversations and his deep understanding of how to develop and build strong trusted relationships with them, allows him to uniquely put into practice what he is truly passionate about.

As an executive coach, Pratap’s clear thinking, knowledge, sincerity and cultural sensitivity helps CEOs understand themselves better, raise business performance and succeed as more effective leaders. Having personally had the privilege of this experience, I further engaged Pratap to conduct a one day workshop on “Journey to Trusted Advisor” for my Partners and consultants. The feedback was excellent and much of what we experienced will be put into practice going forward”.

Gerard Chai
Managing Director – Singapore and Indonesia

Amit Banati

President North Asia & AP Strategy | Kraft Foods Asia Pacific

“Pratap has provided me with invaluable insights, which have facilitated my integrating into the Kraft organization, post its acquisition of Cadbury.

What I valued most about Pratap has been his insight into how organizations work, his perspectives on different leadership styles, and his very practical suggestions to translate that insight into effective actions.

Pratap uses a holistic and flexible framework for coaching, that takes into account both personal and professional aspirations, is grounded in values, and is focused on leveraging one’s strengths.
He has a deep commitment to the coaching process, and I found him to be an excellent sounding board for discussing challenges and possible outcomes. He takes these challenges to heart, and looks to help in jointly finding a way.

I have personally benefited greatly from the time that I have spent with him, and count him not only as a good coach, but also as a good friend.”

Danny Teoh

Peter Barge“Some are born natural leaders; some blossom into leaders over time, with the right care and attention. With the right mentoring and coaching, good leaders can be turned into great leaders, much like how a master wine maker can turn an average harvest into a great vintage.

Here is where Pratap Nambiar can add value to developing leaders. With his many years of experience in strategic thinking and working with many leaders, he understands what it takes in terms of mentoring and coaching to turn potential into reality. Young leaders in particular can benefit from having Pratap in a mentoring and coaching role to make them more effective leaders.”

Danny Teoh
Managing Partner, KPMG Singapore

Ken Yun

Ken Yun“I have known Pratap Nambiar for almost 8 years now. He is clearly a thinker, a good listener, and a great motivator with a lot of positive energy. Given his wide experience as a leader working in so many different cultures, he will be a great asset as a coach to CEOs in need of a non judgmental confidante who will help them set appropriate goals and achieve success”.

Ken Yun,
Chairman, KPMG Korea

Venky Krishna Kumar

Venky Krishna Kumar“I have known Pratap for a long time. His biggest strength is his clear thinking, and of course his sincerity and commitment to whatever he does. Having spent many years in leadership positions interacting with several cultures, Pratap is ideally suited to following what is clearly his passion- helping business leaders succeed”.

Venky Krishna Kumar
Former Chief Operating Officer – Asia Pacific, Citigroup &
Past & Present Member of Board of Directors of several corporations

Vijay Amritraj

Vijay Amritraj“Every top athelete in the world in every generation has needed a coach, a tutor, a mentor, a guru, or a just an overall teacher who help him or her be the best they can be and then some. CEOs and Executives of companies are no different. They need a special person who can help them remain or become the best, have confidence in themselves and lead through example. Pratap Nambiar is someone who I have known for a long time and his skills in helping people to lead, comes from having the right balance of heart and mind, art and science to establish self belief in his clients and bring changes to their lives so they can genuinely feel happy about their achievements”.

Vijay Amritraj
Indian tennis legend

VS Pradeep

Managing Director – Cholayil Group India

A new journey began for me after you started coaching me, showed me a direction of hope to succeed. You opened my mind to show me the green pastures of life to enjoy & cherish. You are a true guiding force for me & my people in the organization, the strategic workshop you conducted, gave us a direction to show us the potential we had to look beyond our success. Your support will drive us to grow with passion to win our goals.

K.A. Narayan

President, Human Resources, Raymond Ltd. India
I was fortunate to be associated with Pratap Nambiar who was my Master Coach as part of my Coach training. He also trained some of our other senior leadership team in Coaching. Pratap was passionate about the assignment and made sure that each one of us understood the nuances of Coaching and used his business experience as well as psychology for making us succeed in our coaching journey.

As part of the assignment, Pratap helped me in getting my Coaches succeed in their jobs and they enjoyed the experience which changed their perspective about life. It is very rarely that a person connects so well at both personal and professional level. I would recommend Pratap strongly for any leadership assignment.

Sheri Boone

“I listened to six of Pratap’s coaching sessions as a trainer for his Supervised Coach class at the International Coach Academy, an ICF accredited program. That class completed in October 2008.

During his coaching sessions, Pratap Nambiar exhibited a strong, flexible, and respectful Coaching Presence, as he followed his clients’ agendas. He was an excellent Active Listener, and asked many Powerful Questions. He consistently guided his clients to effective Planning and Goal setting. Pratap certainly coached at the ACC level and beyond.

I would be happy to speak further about his qualifications if needed.

It is with highest confidence that I recommend Pratap Nambiar for the Associate Certified Coach credential!”

Sheri Boone, MCC, CLC
Faculty, International Coach Academy

Karen A. Cappello

“I have listened to Pratap’s coaching as a trainer for the International Coach Academy, an ICF accredited program. He is a good strong coach, and he meets the ethical guidelines and standards of the profession fully. He coaches at the ACC level.

During his coaching sessions, Pratap exhibits a powerful Coaching Presence. I observed him establishing trust with his client, and his Direct Communication was very supportive for the client’s objectives. Pratap’s Powerful Questions demonstrate an understanding of the client’s perspective, and he has an ability to communicate in very appropriate ways with his clients.

Pratap Nambiar is able to facilitate Planning and Goal Setting by Creating Awareness during the coaching session. He understands and implements the coaching process well. He is a credit to our profession!”

Karen A. Cappello, PCC, CLC
Learning Leader, International Coach Academy

Jocelyn Chng

Managing Director, Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd

“Pratap came into our life at a very critical stage when I was working hard with the rest of my leadership team to win one of the most strategic business contracts for our organization. He came in to coach us and provided us with the strategic direction and platform to prepare a winning proposal. He showed us how we could deliver more value to our client than our competition. With his unbridled optimism, amazing levels of energy, and great attention to detail, he inspired me and my team to work very hard and with much enthusiasm to eventually win the trust of the client. I thank Pratap for the experience and guidance which my team and I will cherish. It has provided me with the impetus to take our organization to a whole new level of growth”.

Vinod Menon

Founder and Chairman, MindWave Solutions Pte Ltd

Pratap Nambiar’s long term involvement in streamlining our business model and coaching our management took the business to an entirely new level. What stood out was his ability to help us grow in spite of the usual resource crunch that all start up entrepreneurs face. From a Singapore headquartered SME , we have ranked 86 in Deloitte’s fast growing technology companies list in Asia Pacific for 2010. I am convinced, he will be helping more and more entrepreneurs to achieve success and wish him good luck in all his assignments.

Chris Chua

Pratap Nambiar was engaged by Abbott Laboratories to be my executive coach from May 201 1. He came highly recommended by HC Kwok our Learning & Development Manager. Based on the work that hatap has done with me during the last six months – he has certainly not disappointed!

Pratap is unique among executive coaches in that he has extensive business experience as CEO and in other senior leadership roles. The large majority of executive coaches have a HR background. Pratap’s business experience allows him insights into the machinations of corporate world. He knows how people’s minds operate in large global organizations – particularly people in senior executive positions. His business experience and insights have been very evident from the coaching sessions with me. Pratap helped me correctly assess what would transpire based on certain developments in my work situation. Despite my own extensive business experience – I consider myself relatively naive when compared to Pratap’s insights and experience!

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Andy Tosney

Vice President Sales, Kraft Foods Asia Pacific

To give a full appreciation of the power of Pratap’s coaching expertise, I first need to give you a brief background of my situation.

I have spent 28 years in the corporate world with Kraft Foods, the world’s 2nd largest food company. I have worked extensively in Europe, U.S.A., Latin America and Asia in different roles and levels of the organization.

I have been fortunate enough to work for some great leaders and have had many coaching and training interventions which have supported my personal and career development.

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Saugata Gupta

Saugata Gupta, CEO Consumer Products Marico Limited

I have been working with Pratap for the last 1 year and it has been a fascinating and enriching journey. Pratap’s approach to coaching has a very fine balance between customization and a structure which can be tailor made for the unique needs of the individual. His style is extremely focused and outcome driven …. in other words more content than form which appealed to me tremendously.

His width and depth of work experience has contributed to his unique ability to help generate and synthesize insights and instantly build empathy.

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Milind Pasad

Director, Commodities Trading
Deutsche Bank AG,SingaporeBranch 

Pratap has a wealth of experience working with leaders across a variety of organizations, spread across a number of countries and leverages his insights in helping leaders develop skills to become effective while operating in complex organizations. He has a tremendous ability to understand the specific situation, simplify the issue and get his clients to focus on the core issues to be addressed. He is very thoughtful, a very good listener and a good writer – his writings continue to provide the guidance and reinforcements long after in-person discussions.

Ajay Pahwa

Ajay Pahwa, CEO Kaya Skin Clinic
Marico Ltd 

Pratap is a unique blend of a coach, a mentor and a business partner. His style is very invasive as he spends an extraordinary time to understand leadership behaviours and patterns to delayer the underlying belief system. He has influenced my beliefs with a single minded objective of increasing business impact.

He is grounded in business and his wide ranging international experiences make the coaching dialogues rich and meaningful.

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Employee Engagement Assessment

Are your employees sufficiently ‘engaged’ with your organisation?

Thought Perfect can help determine the level of employee engagement in your organisation using the proven Genos Engagement Model, also called the 4-P engagement model, the four components of which are: Praise, Persist, Perform, Perfect.

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Employee Motivation Programs

Thought Perfect offers employee motivation assessment and development programs using the Genos Employee Motivation Model. This model comprises a core list of individual motivational drivers in four unique areas.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Thought Perfect has partnered with Genos International to offer its globally-recognised Emotional Intelligence (or EI) model and assessment, along with development programs to enhance leadership, sales, teamwork and customer service.

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Leadership Development Programs

Leadership happens with the interaction of a leader and a follower in the context of a situation. Hence there can be no leadership without a follower who is willing to be directed by a leader. In the words of Dwight Eisenhower, real leadership is the art of getting people to do something you want done because they want to do it. An effective leader is able to galvanize his people to maximize their potential to achieve the desired results.

Leadership Effectiveness hence equates to organizational effectiveness. Great strategy does not lead to great performance. It is the execution of strategy that is critical. The key question every CEO needs to ask is ‘do my leaders have the required competencies to be effective implementers of strategy?’

Through its affiliation with The Leadership Circle, a well-known leadership development company, Thought Perfect offers several options for business leaders to undertake and benefit from the transformative leadership process, comprising a deeper understanding of themselves, the world, and their relationship to others.

Using innovative tools, process and support for “deepening the conversation” with leaders in the organisation, we facilitate the transformation to a “Leader” at a deep, significant and life-changing level.

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