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Vijay Subramaniam

Vijay Subramaniam
CEO, International Business Group
Marico Limited

I found the entire journey very energizing as unlike other coaching exercises, Pratap tends to
address the shifts required from first principles- he has helped me address this right at the
belief system level and then identify desired shifts and change in habits and behavior required.
This approach makes these shifts sustainable and durable. This in turn enables the individual to
be a more complete leader.

Satoshi OTAKE

Satoshi OTAKE
President/Managing Director, Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Pratap san has plenty of business achievements in his illustrious career with strong network of
relationships. He gave valuable advice to us based on his rich experiences. His talking and the
explanations he gave us are always clear and logical and intelligible even for Japanese. Also he
sincerely listens to us and always understands even our Japanese’s poor English.

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Shibu Jacob

Shibu Jacob
Head – HR & Admin Cholayil Pvt Ltd

The two years that you worked with the senior leadership of Cholayil was a time that
“meaningfully “went by. The interaction brought in a sense of “inner reflection” and helped us
understand that the “highly gloated ego “ acquired over the past, along with outdated belief
systems needs to be shed to achieve personal and professional growth.

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Nivas Salian

Nivas Salian
Senior VP Sales & Marketing Cholayil Group

In the two years starting 2010 that Pratap has been coaching me and other leaders of Cholayil, I
have become extremely self-aware which has helped shape my perspectives towards work and
life. The stakeholder centric process of coaching based on changing one’s belief systems
brought about changes in my behavior that had a direct impact on business performance. It has
been a wonderful journey for me and my colleagues whose dysfunctional behaviors have been
replaced with trust and mutual respect for one another.

Jayantha Fernando

Jayantha Fernando-Leadership Coach/Consultant

Jayantha is trained and experienced Leadership Coach and a highly talented soft skill trainer. Jayantha’s ability to develop positive psychological resources like self-efficacy, hope, optimism, resilience have helped individuals, groups and teams and organizations sustainable performance. His client-centered coaching style, impactful and thought provoking probing style, client-engaging direct communication blended with powerful listening has being energizing,  and let the clients to develop themselves and the teams holistically to reach their desired outcomes sustainably.

Jayantha’s 20yrs of corporate experience and practice in a range of industries and functions like Food Processing, Retail Management, Marketing and Training and Development in local and foreign business conglomerate has given him a broad knowledge and capability to confidently  transform himself coach practitioner and add tremendous value to the clients he is working with.

He provides training and coaching-individual or small groups for the supervisory and above levels in Bahrain, Singapore, India, Oman, Maldives and Sri Lanka and his divers clients includes AlMeer, Khimji Ramdas, Sirus SG, HNB,MAS, Brandix, Trelleborg, NTB Bank,  NSB, FAB, Microsoft, HSBC, Zillion, HNB Assurance, Avery Dennison, SLT, NWSDB, UOP,UOM,Nestle.

His theoretical foundation is derived from the Post graduate diploma in marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Diploma in Training & Development from University of Leicester, UK. Master in Business Administration from University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Jayantha is a Member of International Coach Federation and got his coach training through Global Coach Trust India, New Ventures West, USA and Neuro Leadership Group Australia. He is trained and certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile 360 most comprehensive leadership assessment tool by Bob Anderson, USA Apart from that Jayantha is a External Verifier for C&G and Institute of leadership & Management, UK. His current Leadership coach role has given him the opportunity to network with renowned Professional Coaches from all around the world.