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Propagating an innovation culture for business growth

The Awaken Group conducts an annual Global Leadership and Innovation Survey (GLIS) of business leaders in the United States, Singapore and a few other countries. Its 2012-2013 survey explored the key challenges and priorities these leaders face, how they are responding to these challenges and emerging trends related to business growth strategies and organisational development.

Not surprisingly, “people”, “values” and “organisational culture” are among the most important and recurring themes that get significant attention from CEOs and other business leaders surveyed for this report. Continued success in business requires organisations to constantly innovate and become better; it is clear that this can be achieved only by building a culture of innovation that permeates through the organisation. So, what can organisations do to build such a culture? Here are some useful insights from the GLIS report.

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Preparing business leaders to fill the leadership pipeline

It is widely acknowledged in business that the demand for top-notch leadership talent far exceeds available supply. This demand-supply gap is attributable to several macro-factors such as globalization, the “New Economy” and of course, the Information Technology revolution. Equally important is the fact that too many organisations don’t invest in the time, resources and the processes required to build a “Leadership Pipeline” and develop leaders at all levels that will provide the organisation with more people prepared to take on leadership roles.

In their hugely successful book, “The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build The Leadership Powered Company”, authors Ram Charan, Steve Drotter and Jim Noel show how companies can keep this pipeline “filled and flowing to ensure a steady supply of skilled leaders throughout the organisation”.

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