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Aneeta Madhok


Dr. Aneeta Madhok, is the Managing Director at Open Spaces Consulting. She is a professionally certified leadership development coach and trainer. A global professional, HR systems expert, people person, creative thinker & writer, much sought after speaker, academician of repute, behavioral scientist and experienced trainer.

Aneeta has coached for over fifteen years, and professionally for the last five years. With an emphasis in coaching for women in management boards, Aneeta also coaches CEO’s, senior executives, and professionals who face significant challenges navigating fast changing environments. Aneeta’s practice includes individual clients in several countries and varied professions. She is also a frequent speaker about and teacher of coaching skills around the country as well as a lead instructor for several workshops for the corporate. She partners with organizations in the design of coaching interventions to build internal leadership potential.

Aneeta’s competencies developed over 33 years of professional practice enable her to be a coach who touches and transforms lives and careers, and a trainer who actually transfers learning into the participants through proven methods and practices. A deep insight into people matters has resulted in high repeat demand for her personality profiling, coaching and skill building training services in the areas of emotional intelligence, performance management, and behavioral skills.

Prior to setting up Open Spaces Consulting, Aneeta was Dean – School of Business at NMIMS University and S.P. Jain Centre of Management in Dubai and Singapore. She has also had a long stint in HR with a large diversified group in North India and an FMCG major

She has conducted over 200 workshops and done over 300 hours of coaching with organizational leaders. She is accredited in the usage of The Leadership Circle, MBTI, FIRO-B, Thomas Profiling, Belbin Team Roles, Erickson Coaching framework, SHRM Master Trainer and is a Fellow of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context.

She has served the management consulting profession as Chairperson (2009-2011) of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, which has a presence over 50 countries, and earlier as President of Institute of Management Consultants of India.

Dr. Madhok qualified with an honors degree in Psychology from Delhi University and MBA in HRD from XLRI, Jamshedpur, followed by a PhD in Managerial Leadership from Psychology Department of Punjab University in Chandigarh India.

Aneeta is also an expert and insightful Tarot Cards reader with a wide clientele for The Tarot Connection in Dubai and India.

Characteristics of “engaging” leadership

Despite the proven correlation between employee engagement and sustainable business growth, the former often does not get as much attention as it should. An ongoing study by Aon Hewitt of organisations that score highly on employee engagement measurements while performing better than their peers, business-wise, attributes such dual success to the presence of ‘engaging leaders’ throughout different levels of these organisations.

A blog post on describes some of the characteristics of such leaders and how organisations that work at making engaging leadership a part of their culture do so. We’d like to list some of the key takeaways from the above-mentioned blog post.

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WABC Recognizes New Chartered Business Coach

Victoria, Canada, November 7, 2014: The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) has awarded Pratap Nambiar of Singapore the prestigious Chartered Business Coach (ChBC) designation. This global credential, the first-ever chartered-status designation for business coaches and the industry’s most advanced credential, is reserved for the world’s most senior coaches.

Pratap NambiarChartered Business Coaches have attained a record of excellence and leadership in their field. To achieve their ChBC designation, they have completed a WABC-approved, in-depth professional development process that includes a comprehensive self-assessment portfolio independently examined by representatives from the Professional Development Foundation (PDF) and Middlesex University in the UK.

Chartered Business Coach is the third and highest level in WABC’s three-tiered certification system for business coaches. Certified credentials, the most rigorous type available to individual professionals, are based on strict guidelines—they require validation, must be renewed and can be revoked if necessary.

Wendy Johnson, WABC president and chief executive officer, comments, “The Chartered Business Coach singles out the world’s top business coaches, the ones who have the most experience, skills and training. A Chartered Business Coach is at the pinnacle of our emerging profession—a leader, an influencer, an example to us all.”

Pratap Nambiar is the Executive Chairman of Thought Perfect Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company that delivers business performance coaching to CEOs in the Asia Pacific region. He has over 35 years of corporate experience having held senior leadership positions in leading MNCs around the world. He assesses leadership effectiveness and in the last six years has spent a few thousand hours coaching business leaders to utilize their full potential.

Says Pratap “Leaders need to continue to grow their minds. The complexity of thinking needs to keep pace with the ever increasing external complexities of doing business. Self transformation to overcome adaptive challenges is a tough journey that few leaders can make on their own.”

Business coaching, which includes niches such as corporate and executive coaching, is one of the fastest-growing professional services in the world. Says Ms. Johnson, “Our primary goal at WABC is to develop the highest level of professional standards and qualifications for business coaching. Offering rigorous professional designations for business coaches, such as ChBC, is central to what we do as an association. Our key activities include offering a superior system of qualifications for business coaches and a world-class accreditation process for business coaching training programs, and building and maintaining public trust in our industry.”

About WABC

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching—still an emerging profession—and differentiating it from coaching in general. By engaging in disciplined self-regulatory activities to increase public trust in our industry worldwide, WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach. WABC’s activities set the gold standard for business coaching and help decision-makers around the world when they screen, hire, train and evaluate business coaches. Our membership—now spanning over 30 countries and steadily growing—includes internal and external coaches who work with entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, presidents and business professionals from all industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors—from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

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Business & leadership advice: 15 gems from top leaders

The November 17 issue of Fortune magazine is called ‘The Advice Issue’, in which they featured lessons and advice from 40 business leaders on various aspects related to business and career success.

Their advice touched upon some of the most important challenges that business leaders have to face: decision making, organisational values, hiring and retaining people, leadership styles, people/talent management and so on. We present below edited excerpts of the advice from 15 such leaders.

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Getting the most out of executive coaching

In many progressive organisations, executive coaching is a strategic investment in developing human capital and an essential career and leadership development tool. With greater measurability of outcomes from professional coaching, the business case for executive coaching has never been stronger.

However, businesses need to understand that the success of a coaching engagement is not a foregone conclusion; it is a function of several factors such as the skills, competence and experience of the coach; the effectiveness of the coaching methodology; the level of participation in the process by the coachee; and equally importantly, the enabling environment provided by the organisation.

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