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Business & leadership advice: 15 gems from top leaders

The November 17 issue of Fortune magazine is called ‘The Advice Issue’, in which they featured lessons and advice from 40 business leaders on various aspects related to business and career success.

Their advice touched upon some of the most important challenges that business leaders have to face: decision making, organisational values, hiring and retaining people, leadership styles, people/talent management and so on. We present below edited excerpts of the advice from 15 such leaders.

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The Board’s dilemma

I wrote this article to address one of the many difficult decisions a Board has to make when it is confronted with a conflict between corporate values and financial performance metrics. They have to make quick choices in a complex, ever changing, and competitive world. In fact the perplexing challenges they face can sometimes seem like a choice between the devil and the deep sea. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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The six elements of decision making for business leaders

BNET carried an interview with Carl Spetzler, CEO of the Strategic Decisions Group and Director of the Strategic Decision and Risk Management program at Stanford University. Spetzler is credited with developing a decision-making framework used by managers from leading MNCs for all types of decisions: strategic, typical and on-the-fly.

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