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Characteristics of “engaging” leadership

Despite the proven correlation between employee engagement and sustainable business growth, the former often does not get as much attention as it should. An ongoing study by Aon Hewitt of organisations that score highly on employee engagement measurements while performing better than their peers, business-wise, attributes such dual success to the presence of ‘engaging leaders’ throughout different levels of these organisations.

A blog post on describes some of the characteristics of such leaders and how organisations that work at making engaging leadership a part of their culture do so. We’d like to list some of the key takeaways from the above-mentioned blog post.

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Getting the most out of executive coaching

In many progressive organisations, executive coaching is a strategic investment in developing human capital and an essential career and leadership development tool. With greater measurability of outcomes from professional coaching, the business case for executive coaching has never been stronger.

However, businesses need to understand that the success of a coaching engagement is not a foregone conclusion; it is a function of several factors such as the skills, competence and experience of the coach; the effectiveness of the coaching methodology; the level of participation in the process by the coachee; and equally importantly, the enabling environment provided by the organisation.

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Preparing business leaders to fill the leadership pipeline

It is widely acknowledged in business that the demand for top-notch leadership talent far exceeds available supply. This demand-supply gap is attributable to several macro-factors such as globalization, the “New Economy” and of course, the Information Technology revolution. Equally important is the fact that too many organisations don’t invest in the time, resources and the processes required to build a “Leadership Pipeline” and develop leaders at all levels that will provide the organisation with more people prepared to take on leadership roles.

In their hugely successful book, “The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build The Leadership Powered Company”, authors Ram Charan, Steve Drotter and Jim Noel show how companies can keep this pipeline “filled and flowing to ensure a steady supply of skilled leaders throughout the organisation”.

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