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Leadership development, organizational transition & transformation with executive coaching

A good executive coach is not merely a behavioral change agent but an invaluable transformative business asset who can help senior leaders unlock their full potential as well that of the teams and organisaitons they lead. “At its core, leadership development is really about growing the complexity of people’s minds, enhancing their self-awareness and linking [...]

Characteristics of “engaging” leadership

Despite the proven correlation between employee engagement and sustainable business growth, the former often does not get as much attention as it should. An ongoing study by Aon Hewitt of organisations that score highly on employee engagement measurements while performing better than their peers, business-wise, attributes such dual success to the presence of ‘engaging leaders’ [...]

Business & leadership advice: 15 gems from top leaders

The November 17 issue of Fortune magazine is called ‘The Advice Issue’, in which they featured lessons and advice from 40 business leaders on various aspects related to business and career success. Their advice touched upon some of the most important challenges that business leaders have to face: decision making, organisational values, hiring and retaining [...]



Life’s a journey – so is being a good leader

By Pratap Nambiar For The Straits Times Lack of self-awareness, especially of how others see you, is a blind spot that can ruin careers. In my past 10 years of leadership coaching, it has become clear that leaders who are self-aware have the ability to see themselves clearly, to understand who they are, how others [...]

Leadership Due Diligence

Investments are supposed to deliver on the deal promise and create shareholder value. Yet very few of the promised synergies get translated into the story of the future that you bought into. Whilst there could be many reasons for this unfortunate disappointment with results, we cannot ignore the fact that all deals naturally accelerate and [...]

The bane of CEO effectiveness – a big ego

By Pratap Nambiar for The Sunday Times Singapore business leaders rank among the top in global database… for arrogance I was chatting about my recent leadership coaching experiences with Mr Bob Anderson, the founder of United States-based The Leadership Circle and co-author of the book, Mastering Leadership. He wanted to know what I had observed [...]



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