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Firing someone- the hard task of leadership
By Pratap Nambiar in People Matters

Most business leaders have to let go off people at sometime or the other in the interest of the business. It is one of the hardest tasks for a business leader. Pratap Nambiar shares lessons learnt and insights on how to handle this leadership challenge with compassion and grace.

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Heart truths for complex times: Leadership in times of complexity
By Pratap Nambiar for The Sunday Times

Complex times mean unlearning the problem-fixing mode. Be comfortable with the unknown. Integrate cognitive and emotional aspects. It’s okay to go on an inner journey.…

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Conflicting Commitments explain self-limiting behaviour
By Pratap Nambiar

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has on several occasions stated “Wear your mask. It is just like getting the vaccine for the virus”. Yet millions of Americans do just the opposite. As if…

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Adaptive challenges and the language of leadership
By Pratap Nambiar For The Business Times

Leaders need to evolve and develop a new mindset to build a complex way of thinking and behaving to face their challenges.

A FEW things happened recently that got me thinking. Two weeks ago, I saw New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell saying on Fox News that city leaders were told that Covid-19 cases were contained as late as Lundi Gras on Feb 24, the day before New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebrations.

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Leadership and the organised mind
By Pratap Nambiar For The Sunday Times

In the last 12 years that I have been helping leaders to transform themselves to take their organisations to the next level, I have found that their single biggest challenge has been the paucity of time. So much to do and so little time. Twenty-four hours in a day just does not seem enough.

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Leaders need to pay attention to paying attention
By Pratap Nambiar For The Sunday Times

The heritage UK travel company Thomas Cook, a master of package tours with a history of almost 200 years, has collapsed. The Internet took its toll. Offering travelers the classic range of services – arranging holiday tours, hotels, airlines, insurance and other travel-related services -came with a high cost structure, and eventually led to its downfall.

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Today’s leadership challenge: hardwiring people development to the bottomline
By Pratap Nambiar For The Business Times

I WAS having a chat with one of Singapore’s leading chief executive officers (CEOs), when she asked me what legacy she needed to leave behind once she retired from her organisation. I thought long and hard and came up with this: “Create a unique growth culture that will stand the test of time; one that allows your people to continuously evolve and flourish to maximise their performance potential.”

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Why leaders need to work with their shadows
By Pratap Nambiar For The Sunday Times

Well before noted psychologist Carl Jung developed the concept of the personal shadow, author Robert Louis Stevenson had captured the imagination of millions – and continues to do so – with the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Leadership disciplines for 2019 and beyond
By Pratap Nambiar

I learned a great deal from ten years of coaching senior leaders in the corporate sector including several successful and some not so successful entrepreneurs, and some politicians as well. The cross-sharing of experiences was able to help fulfill…

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Life’s a journey – so is being a good leader
By Pratap Nambiar For The Straits Times

Lack of self-awareness, especially of how others see you, is a blind spot that can ruin careers.

In my past 10 years of leadership coaching, it has become clear that leaders who are self-aware have the ability to see themselves clearly, to understand who they are, how others see them and how they fit into their organisation or the world in general.

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The bane of CEO effectiveness – a big ego
By Pratap Nambiar for The Sunday Times

Singapore business leaders rank among the top in global database… for arrogance
I was chatting about my recent leadership coaching experiences with Mr Bob Anderson, the founder of United States-based The Leadership Circle and co-author of the book, Mastering Leadership.

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Straight From The Heart

Leadership development, organizational transition & transformation with executive coaching

A good executive coach is not merely a behavioral change agent but an invaluable transformative business asset who can help senior leaders unlock their full potential as well that of the teams and organisaitons they lead. “At its core, leadership development is really about growing the complexity of people’s minds, enhancing their self-awareness and linking that behaviour/belief systems to how it impacts business,” says Pratap Nambiar, Chartered Business Coach and Chairman of Thought Perfect, an executive coaching & leadership development company.
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Characteristics of “engaging” leadership

Despite the proven correlation between employee engagement and sustainable business growth, the former often does not get as much attention as it should. An ongoing study by Aon Hewitt of organisations that score highly on employee engagement measurements while performing better than their peers, business-wise, attributes such dual success to the presence of ‘engaging leaders’ throughout different levels of these organisations.A blog post on HBR.org describes some of the characteristics of such leaders and how organisations that work at making engaging leadership a part of their culture do so. We’d like to list some of the key takeaways from the above-mentioned blog post.
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Coaching with Pratap

Go on an inner journey of discovery. Know your truth and build a strong foundation for transformation.


Top 100 Coaches - Pratap Nambiar


John Bryant

Chairman of the Board, CEO
Kellogg Company

Pratap was our advisor for arguably one of the most complex transactions in Kellogg’s 100+ year history. Pratap created the environment and connections to help make that happen.

Gerard Chai

MD- Singapore & Indonesia
Korn/FERRY International

Pratap Nambiar draws from a wealth of experience working over many years with Clevel executives globally. As an executive coach, Pratap’s clear thinking, knowledge, sincerity and cultural sensitivity helps CEOs understand themselves better, raise business performance and succeed as more effective leaders.

Satoshi Otake

President/Managing Director
Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

Pratap san has plenty of business achievements in his illustrious career with strong network of relationships. He gave valuable advice to us based on his rich experiences. In several discussions with Pratap san when he coached us through a major acquisition, I learned a lot from him and the most impressive message I still keep in my mind is “Good human relationship with customers will cause good business deals in-spite of all challenges.”

Saugata Gupta

Managing Director
Marico Ltd

I have been working with Pratap for the last 1 year and it has been a fascinating and enriching journey. Pratap’s approach to coaching has a very fine balance between customization and a structure which can be tailor made for the unique needs of the individual. His style is extremely focused and outcome driven in other words more content than form which appealed to me tremendously.