Silega solutions
SilegaThought Perfect is the Exclusive Partner for Singapore and South Asia for Silega solutions. Silega is a global full-service training company focused exclusively on developing and delivering business simulations.
Genos International
Genos helps organizations achieve peak performance. We do this through a unique combination of world-class assessments and development programs in the areas of emotional intelligence, motivation and organizational effectiveness.
Kelsa Management Solutions
Kelsa helps organisations build strong roots that will in time support the pillars of a growing organisation with ease. The company helps build a culture where business practices are people-centric without losing sight of corporate goals and vision.

Door South East Asia
Door South East Asia are experts in talent management, providing comprehensive solutions through executive coaching, training and consulting services. The company’s services focus on building better leaders and organizations. Its effective, innovative programs give individuals the skills necessary to take on broader leadership roles and add the best value to their organization.

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