Aneeta MadhokAnita Madhok
Dr. Aneeta Madhok, is the Managing Director at Open Spaces Consulting. She is a professionally certified leadership development coach and trainer. A global professional, HR systems expert, people person, creative thinker & writer, much sought after speaker, academician of repute, behavioral scientist and experienced trainer.
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Cliff Scott
My experience spans 32 years. I focus on work with senior leaders facing significant demands for change at the personal, leadership team and organizational culture levels. My experience has spanned the gamut of executive team-building, organization culture and systems realignment (e.g Six Sigma), and individual coaching. As a coach, I found The Leadership Circle provided assessments which were unparalleled and powerful supports to my work in helping executives address blockages to performance, both individually and as teams.
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See Luan Foo
Languages: English, Malay and Mandarin
See Luan is an earnest student of human nature, history and wisdom and a senior level global executive coach withThought Perfect.
See Luan nurtures a passion about making a positive influence on the business, personal and holistic lives of leaders and managers. He coaches them to enhance the way they learn, earn and yearn and to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.
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Wendy Chua-Sullivan
Wendy Chua-Sullivan has over 16 years of experience as an educator for personal transformation, applying research from Psychology to help leaders and teams build resilience and achieve their goals despite challenges and setbacks.
Wendy’s approach to coaching high achievers to maximum performance has been presented to the 2002 International Congress of Applied Psychology. Her WAND approach emphasizes the use of relevant questions to facilitate awareness and ownership of goals; taking effective actions; acknowledgement; being neutral and non-judging; recognising individual differences; and making a difference.
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Zsolt Tokoli
A chartered coach and organizational consultant, Zsolt has extensive coaching and consulting experience with national, multinational and global companies across a range of industry sectors. His expertise is in leadership development, charismatic communication, change management, cultural integration, and personal branding. He also advises companies on setting up executive coaching processes.
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Sarika Mehta
Sarika Mehta represents Thought Perfect in India as a Country Manager.
A committed, detail oriented, passionate top management professional with proven credentials in project management of high-profile events, Sarika has led Ernst & Young’s (EY) Entrepreneur of the Year Award Program in India and contributed to making it one of the most prestigious business events in the country.

Jayantha Fernando
Jayantha Fernando-Leadership Coach/Consultant
Jayantha is trained and experienced Leadership Coach and a highly talented soft skill trainer. Jayantha’s ability to develop positive psychological resources like self-efficacy, hope, optimism, resilience have helped individuals, groups and teams and organizations sustainable performance.
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