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Beyond Coaching

We are not our coaching. Our work is a moment moving through us

Beyond Coaching


Centred. Grounded. Present. Bringing structure and emergence in a balanced way, using beautiful restraints and focused freedom. Integrating the past, present, and the future seamlessly to addresses identity, mind-set, and behaviours, in the context of the environment to deliver on our client’s aspirations.


A way of being, identifying the crux of the issue, providing clients the appropriate scaffolding to reveal themselves, creating threshold moments so their sense of self starts to gain more capability and confidence to grow and take actions, learning and developing as they go along.


Helping clients see the world in a new way, develop new perspectives, and become better versions of themselves. More important, making sense of their new experiences, evolve, and emerge into a new identity that can be internalised and sustained to step into a new world.


We are not round pegs neatly fitting into the perceived round hole ways that clients often see themselves. We are square pegs challenging clients to redefine their dilemmas in square peg ways.


Uncertainty, is the new certainty and we are your port in the storm. Talk to us.




John Bryant

Chairman of the Board, CEO
Kellogg Company

Pratap was our advisor for arguably one of the most complex transactions in Kellogg’s 100+ year history. Pratap created the environment and connections to help make that happen.

Gerard Chai

MD- Singapore & Indonesia
Korn/FERRY International

Pratap Nambiar draws from a wealth of experience working over many years with Clevel executives globally. As an executive coach, Pratap’s clear thinking, knowledge, sincerity and cultural sensitivity helps CEOs understand themselves better, raise business performance and succeed as more effective leaders.

Satoshi Otake

President/Managing Director
Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

Pratap san has plenty of business achievements in his illustrious career with strong network of relationships. He gave valuable advice to us based on his rich experiences. In several discussions with Pratap san when he coached us through a major acquisition, I learned a lot from him and the most impressive message I still keep in my mind is “Good human relationship with customers will cause good business deals in-spite of all challenges.”