We recognize that the process of building relationships is an art, but there is also a science to it. Based on extensive research in the realms of social psychology, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Regent’s Professor of Psychology & Marketing at Arizona State University, has developed six key principles that can help us recognize the trigger features that increase the probability of success. Building trusted relationships with integrity involves a critical set of behaviors which can help ensure consistent success on the journey to becoming a Trusted Adviser.
Based on interviews with CEOs and Dr Cialdini’s own research, the six principles, which when applied diligently helps achieve the behaviors necessary to build trusted relationships without compromising on integrity. The six principles are:
Reciprocity : People want to give back to those who have given to them. Be the FIRST to give something to your client in order to EARN the right to ask for something that benefits you. What you give though, must be MEANINGFUL,CUSTOMISED, and UNEXPECTED.
Liking : People prefer to do business with those they like. Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to enhance liking. Do it by uncovering genuine similarities, finding opportunities for mutual cooperation, and offering honest praise.
Credibility : Even the most knowledgeable resources can be more highly accepted when clients view them as trustworthy. Be sure you have established credibility BEFORE you make your strongest point. Credibility gets enhanced by acknowledging either a real or perceived weakness before presenting your strength.
Consistency : People want to be consistent with their previous commitments and within their values, so align services/advice with these. Commitments that are ACTIVE and PUBLIC produce the highest levels of consistency.
Consensus : People often decide what to do in a situation by examining what others are or have been doing. Consensus information is most powerful when it comes from MANY others, SIMILAR others, and in conditions of UNCERTAINTY.
Rarity : That which is rare or limited is most desired. Loss language is more powerful that gain language. Be sure to point out what the client will stop losing rather than what they stand to gain by following your advice.
The six principles address ways to increase the impact of words, actions, emotions and motives as a way of building trusted relationships with integrity. They tie in well with the dimensions of Trust, with a sincere focus on looking after the client’s interest, even if it means having to make sacrifices in the short term.
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