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  • Winning from the inside

    By Pratap Nambiar for Straits Times Insights from coaching CEOs As 2015 comes to an end, I did some reflection based on all the CEOs I coached this year.What was obvious was that there was a common thread running through all those interactions. In almost every…

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  • Rebooting the leadership operating system

    By Pratap Nambiar for Straits Times Singapore has constantly adapted to keep growing, but what mindset is needed now? Using Silicon Valley terminology, a recent Straits Times article (“Singapore: An exceptional start-up turns 50”; Aug 7) referred…

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  • Leadership should be inside-out, not outside-in

    By Pratap Nambiar for Straits Times I was recently having lunch with two senior corporate leaders and I asked them both what they considered to be their biggest challenge in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. They thought about it seriously…

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  • What is your state of being at work?

    By Pratap Nambiar What is your state of being? That was the question I was asked by my coach many years ago. It changed my life because I realized very quickly that what I do is driven by who I am, my state of being. And clearly, what I do is what produces my…

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