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  • Hypnotherapy for business performance

    By Pratap Nambiar for Mint Hypnotherapy is not to find out why a person behaves the way he/she does, but rather what keeps them stuck in that situation

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  • Dealing with anxiety at work

    By Pratap Nambiar for Mint In a corporate setting where execution of strategy is the most critical contributor to success, it’s the passion and desire to overcome challenges and achieve one’s goals that makes the difference. Overcoming anxiety and fear is…

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  • Winning from the inside

    By Pratap Nambiar for Straits Times Insights from coaching CEOs As 2015 comes to an end, I did some reflection based on all the CEOs I coached this year.What was obvious was that there was a common thread running through all those interactions. In almost every…

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  • Rebooting the leadership operating system

    By Pratap Nambiar for Straits Times Singapore has constantly adapted to keep growing, but what mindset is needed now? Using Silicon Valley terminology, a recent Straits Times article (“Singapore: An exceptional start-up turns 50”; Aug 7) referred…

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