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  • Blind Spots

    So much of our way of being in this world is based on our self-image, our identity, the way we see ourselves, our sense of self-worth built on what we consider to be our inner reality. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the way the world sees us. They see…

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  • a random test post

    This is a completely random post created purely for test purposes.

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  • Testimonial 8

    “Coaching with Pratap was a journey of self-discovery. The Leadership Circle profile assessment was a surprise as I had never thought that I get perceived in the way the report showed. Walks in Pratap who knows exactly the right questions to ask which…

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  • Testimonials for Thought Perfect & Pratap Nambiar (7)

    “I have still to come across a more impactful and powerful leadership assessment process such as The Leadership Circle. Clearly a lot of insight and imagination has gone into developing this. Very few 360 degree feedback tools does what the Leadership…

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