When you take an action, and it does not produce the desired result- the coach helps you to answer the question” what was the thinking process that made me do that?
This is the process of developing greater self awareness, greater personal insight. The biggest contribution a coach makes through reflective dialogue is to help clients  get a strong understanding of the way they think and act. It helps shape their perspectives.

Perspective is a point of view which plays a fundamental part in any coaching session. In fact, in life itself. It is “a way of looking at, or interpreting, a particular situation.”

Your perspective determines your experience in life, not your circumstances.

Coaches do not help change a client’s circumstance. They create impact by helping to reframe perspective. Change the way you think and behave to change the circumstance. The questions ‘what does this have to do with that and what does that have to do with this?’ are a good example of how a coach approaches the task of reframing perspectives.

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