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Coaching with Pratap

Pratap focuses on helping clients who are keen to take their organization to the next level of performance. Personal effectiveness is important to them but so is it critical to impact organizational results. They know that leadership effectiveness leads to organizational effectiveness.


You will go on an inner journey of discovery. Knowing your truth is the foundation on which all transformations are built. Assessing your Leadership Quotient and knowing the structure of your mind is the starting point for this experiential coaching that drives success as you define it. It is not just competencies, but consciousness that impacts performance.


Pratap coaches with a great deal of compassion and wisdom. Clients will love the discomfort of being challenged, and the significant shifts that they will make in how they tap into their new beliefs and sustain changes in behaviour by overcoming their unconscious conflicting commitments. Refer to some of their testimonials.


We live in very complex times. Carl Jung:“the greatest and most important problems of our life are unsolvable. They cannot be solved, they can only be outgrown.”

What it means is that one has to develop a much broader outlook, a new perspective, a new way of meaning making, a new way of seeing the world, a new consciousness.


An organisation cannot rise to a level that is greater than the collective consciousness of its leaders. So each of your leader’s individual consciousness must get aligned at the same level. Then you have to take that collective consciousness to a higher level. Your collective beliefs and assumptions must get aligned.


For this to happen you have to focus on your language. What are you saying to each other? And how do you do it? What kind of conversations are you having? Ones that you have never had before? Because without that you cannot raise your consciousness and help the organization to rise to the next level.


Pratap starts with what is, and moves to what is possible, without judgment and yet challenging the way you make meaning of things, the way you see the world, nourishing what most wants to grow.


He combines an enlightened approach (inner world of vertical development with greater maturity to think at a higher level) with pragmatism (outer world of horizontal development enhancing abilities and skills) creating a third space between what is present and what is emergent. It is a journey of self-discovery that you will greatly enjoy as you make the inner shifts that will help you navigate the environment better and fulfill your aspirations.


John Bryant

Chairman of the Board, CEO
Kellogg Company

Pratap was our advisor for arguably one of the most complex transactions in Kellogg’s 100+ year history. Pratap created the environment and connections to help make that happen.

Gerard Chai

MD- Singapore & Indonesia
Korn/FERRY International

Pratap Nambiar draws from a wealth of experience working over many years with Clevel executives globally. As an executive coach, Pratap’s clear thinking, knowledge, sincerity and cultural sensitivity helps CEOs understand themselves better, raise business performance and succeed as more effective leaders.

Satoshi Otake

President/Managing Director
Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

Pratap san has plenty of business achievements in his illustrious career with strong network of relationships. He gave valuable advice to us based on his rich experiences. In several discussions with Pratap san when he coached us through a major acquisition, I learned a lot from him and the most impressive message I still keep in my mind is “Good human relationship with customers will cause good business deals in-spite of all challenges.”