Thought Perfect has partnered with Genos International to offer its globally-recognised Emotional Intelligence (or EI) model and assessment, along with development programs to enhance leadership, sales, teamwork and customer service.

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Development Assessment is used mainly for leadership development and identification or benchmarking of internal talent.Organisations can use the assessment tool- a 70 question multi-rater that provides a measure of how often an individual demonstrates emotionally-intelligent workplace behaviour- at the commencement of leadership development programs to provide insight into current levels of emotional intelligence and how to improve it.
In addition to the EI assessment tool, Thought Perfect  facilitates other EI programs which present a holistic approach to leadership development, improving a foundational set of skills that create greater personal and interpersonal success within and outside of the workplace. These proven programs deliver tangible improvements in a leader’s emotional intelligence and consequently, tangible improvements in business outcomes.

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