Founder’s Message

Dear Business Leader,

Working with CEOs and having strategic conversations with them for many years, I have often asked myself: is there such a thing as a Perfect Thought? And I am now sure there is.

A perfect thought is what leads to the right behaviors that induce perfect actions that lead to perfect outcomes.

C-level executives often find it difficult to share their dilemmas with their colleagues or even their seniors. Some are lucky to have mentors they can turn to for guidance, but more often than not, they find that they have nobody to confide in. CEOs, in particular those that have had a lot of success, find they are very lonely because their sense of pride and achievement does not allow them to reveal their fears, doubts, and anxieties, as they make choices that could make or break their careers and the future of their organizations. They need someone they can trust, someone non-judgmental, who can use their own experience to facilitate a discussion, develop scenarios, assess implications, address risk, and draw out insights that can make decision making much easier. The end result they are looking for is clarity. Clarity of thought and action that will help them achieve their desired outcomes.

This is why I came up with the name ‘Thought Perfect’ and the tagline – ‘Clear thinking made visible’. Clear thinking gets visible only through actions. Hence my role as an executive coach is to ensure that leaders develop the appropriate structures to support their decisions so that the changes in their behavior will help them achieve their goals. The fundamental assumption is that they have accepted the need for change. It is this change which comes from the change in perspective that leads to perfect action.

Our logo brings all of the above to life. If you look at the design carefully, you will see several squares or boxes interacting with each other to form a perfect circle. Each of these boxes represent ideas, issues, challenges, perspectives, or thoughts which when aligned results in a perfect circle. Clarity of thought delivered. Call me, so that together we can experience this process and give me the immense satisfaction and pleasure of seeing you maximize your potential and find the achievements and happiness you deserve.


Pratap Nambiar
Executive Coach
Founder & CEO, Thought Perfect