The way we do things, how our values and beliefs shape individual and collective Behaviours, Symbols, and Systems in the organization

Enriching Values
Performance, Customer focus,Teamwork,Integrity,Honesty,Meritocracy,Discipline, Safety,
Innovation, Doing what we say we will, Environmental awareness, Developing our people,
Cost containment, Growth, Service, Caring for others, Relationships.

Selfish Values
Money, Status, Independence, Staying out of trouble, Avoiding conflict, Power, Winning
over others,Looking good, Keeping everyone on side, Popularity, Control, Being right.

Building Culture
If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to collect wood, divide the work, and
give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.- Antoine De Saint-

Types of Culture
Achievement: Performance, accountability, focus, speed, delivery, meritocracy, discipline,
transparency, risk mastery
Customer Centric: External focus, service, responsive, community, environment, social
citizen, sustainability
One Team: Collaboration, globalisation, internal customer, teamwork
Innovative: Entrepreneurial, agility, creativity, challenging status quo, learning, continuous
People First: Empowerment, development, safety, care

When we work on transforming the leadership in an organization, we are in essence
changing the culture of the organization. As the impact of the leader’s changed behaviour
cascades down, it sends a clear message of what people down the line can expect going
forward. The new values and beliefs will kick in and shape the behaviours, symbols, and
systems which drive the new culture.

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