Thought Perfect is ideal for C level executives, entrepreneurs, and other senior business leaders who recognize that they are yet to realize their full potential and can achieve more in terms of business performance. Clients typically seek out Thought Perfect when they are faced with a dilemma, when they have to make choices that impact the short term and have potential implications for the long term as well. Typically they are experienced (10 + years) leading a team, with profit centre responsibility either at the business unit level or the organization as a whole. In many instances they come to us directly, or they become clients through the recommendation and involvement of CEOs and heads of HR. The trigger event is something like a formal internal assessment process, 360 degree feedback, or a specific situation that requires the intervention of a coach. It is also a strategic initiative (mostly CEOs) to look at long term success initiatives.

Here are some recent discussions that Thought Perfect has had with potential clients.

  1. A senior Regional Executive (25 years work experience, based in Asia) in a leading European MNC has had a major setback. He has lost some of his best people in the last two years and the exit interviews are suggesting that this is because of his constant tirades and temper tantrums. HQ has given him an ultimatum- shape up or ship out.
  2. The President of a Private Equity firm who has a 60% stake in a newly acquired business that is being readied for an IPO, wants to ensure that the CEO and his team are actually going to fulfil the promise of performance that they bought into.
  3. The CEO of a leading pharmaceutical firm that contract manufactures for leading MNCs around the world has just completed a 360 degree feedback which involves his clients and his direct reports, is astonished to see that he is just not aware of how he is perceived.
  4. The HR head of a regional Asian conglomerate is distressed by the fact that a planned pay cut across the board (part of a major cost reduction initiative) has resulted in the organization losing some of its best performers to the competition whilst the mediocre talent has stayed on.
  5. An owner of a medium-sized (USD100M) business is under pressure from his family to sell off the entire business he has built from scratch. His family feels he has done enough and wants him to enjoy the fruits of his labour. He is thinking about it and wants to look at potential succession plans.
  6. A new head of department in a B2B business has been appointed from within the department. He was the most aggressive sales person whose performance has been consistently acknowledged by all.  Six months into his appointment the HR head finds that he is a great goal scorer but makes a rather poor captain.
  7. A new Partner has just been appointed in an Accounting firm. His technical skills are very good but he just does not know how to win business. In his partner role he needs to do both – win new business and manage the deliverables as well. He is struggling.
  8. This senior executive has been living as an expatriate for three years now and is enjoying great professional success. He is motivated, driven, and achieves every goal he sets. But for some reason he just does not feel fulfilled. He wants to know why.
  9. The CEO of a leading listed company with offices in every major country in the world has decided who will succeed him in the next two years when he retires. He wants this person to work with a strategic coach who will stay with him through-out the process till he takes over.
  10. The Global CEO of a leading US Food company is making an acquisition in Asia and needs someone who will work with his team to navigate the rather complex negotiations so the deal gets closed on a truly win-win basis without any acrimony.
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