It’ll study staff engagement and impact on performance
The Business Times, Wednesday, April 11, 2012
THREE organisations have come together to conduct an annual survey on organisational effectiveness, in a bid to create benchmarks which companies can compare performance against. The three organisations are Human Capital Singapore (HCS), Thought Perfect and Genos International. They will study workforce engagement aspects and their impact on business performance. This involves looking at role clarity, performance management, career development, communication, decision making, working conditions and more.
The study will cover a wide variety of industries, including banking, insurance, consumer products, pharmaceutical, government, transportation, electronics and services. There are plans to extend the research to India and other South-east Asian countries.
HCS is the national Continuing Education and Training centre, while Thought Perfect is a business performance coaching firm. Genos International specialises in facilitating emotional commitment, motivation and organisational effectiveness among employees. Those interested in taking part in the study can go to before April 30.

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