“I just completed the 1st year of one to one coaching with Pratap. I found the process and insights profound, I believe I have changed greatly how I think, lead and inspire thru the 360 degree process and monthly coaching process. For those who aspire to become their best in potential and increase greatly their leadership quotient, the process Pratap has is truly transformational. I have a pathway to transform 3 areas of my life which were nonexistent in thought and action prior to my coaching. Only engage in Transformational business opportunities and leave the transactional opportunities for others to grow from. Build 20 future leaders over the next 3 years that have the ability to multiply and build 20 more great leaders, so leave a legacy of 400 plus business and thought leaders through the seed Pratap discovered and planted through me. Lastly ensure this all connects with my highest value which is my immediate and greater family. Be wise and selective in the decisions that impact the time and energy you can give to your family and ensure your greatest transformation is with them. These for me are truly life changing thoughts and strategies around my leadership and how I use my time to lead. I thank-you Pratap for the wisdom, insights and mentorship you are providing me around making me and those around me the best that they can become.”
Kamal Somaia
Group CEO

“I worked with Pratap for about a year and one thing that underpinned our coaching relationship was complete trust and confidentiality. Pratap’s experience in the corporate world, at the highest levels, allows him to understand and appreciate issues/challenges/opportunities that exist for the individual on a large canvas at a much deeper level. It also allows him to pierce deeper into a person’s subconscious mind and challenge the underlying belief systems/assumptions and ones aspirations/ambitions. He uses The Leadership Circle assessment process exceedingly well to help increase leadership effectiveness. I found the experience really rewarding not only in better understanding my own belief and value systems but also being able to articulate and share it with an experienced coach like Pratap so I could transform myself. I would strongly recommend Pratap for senior leadership coaching assignments.”
Sameer Sawhney
MD, Regional CEO – South East Asia and India, ANZ Banking Group

“I must say that Pratap is extremely sincere and passionate about bringing positive change in the professional and personal lives of his clients. He uses all his wealth of experience to build scenarios that helps maximize the performance potential of senior executives. What I particularly enjoyed is that I made all the decisions and all he did was to help me develop perspectives that I possibly could not have done on my own. The methodology that he uses is well structured and since I knew the process in advance it saved us a lot of time. I am sure that Profit Centre heads and CEOs will greatly benefit by achieving a clear minded approach to decision making through the validation of a lot of their ideas.”
Tan Siew Meng
Head of Commercial Banking | The Hongkong and Shanghai
Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore

“Pratap possess the key elements required to be a successful executive coach. He has the business experience required to deal with C-level executives, the ability to think strategically, and above all, the passion to help others succeed. Pratap has built a successful professional career working across different cultures, business and geographies which makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to leading a wide variety of coaching projects.”
Sebastian Arcuri
Head of Retail Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

“Pratap Nambiar has been coaching three of my CEOs for the last one year and has been very effective in his engagement. He has had a transformational impact on them in terms of changing their behaviors to impact performance. I would strongly recommend him for leadership coaching assignments.”
Harsh Mariwala
Chairman & MD, Marico Ltd

“Dearest Pratap,
You taught me so much, but you never taught me how to be grateful to you, which is why words fail me. I am much overwhelmed with how life has spanned out this one year and how God has been kind and ever merciful. How life changes! This is a theory I have only heard about, but experiencing it is a whole new ball game altogether. This is all thanks to you Pratap. Making me see the same thing from a different set of eyes, instilling values so deep, having a fearless nature, being humble and compassionate and giving to society, are the most valuable things you taught me. Life has been great in the last one year …All the things that I was NOT now I AM. Work’s been great, finances are fantastic (in fact I have seen miracles, but that’s a story for another time) bought a lovely villa, gave up some addictions, and now pursuing a dream MBA from INSEAD, how much more beautiful can life get. I leave for France tomorrow night and I can’t wait for a whole new journey to begin.
Thank you Pratap. This is as much a victory for you and my loved ones as it is for me. Like you always say I am the same computer, but with a brand new operating system.
Rajshri Shankar
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.