“I have engaged actively with Pratap as my professional coach for over a year now. His mandate has been to help me evolve into a more effective leader in my capacity as the CEO of Raymond Lifestyle Business. In hindsight, having partnered with (and surrendered to!) Pratap as my coach is amongst the highest impact decisions that I have taken as a business leader in my professional career spanning over 20 years. Through my sustained and close interactions with him for over a year, I have experienced a very tangible personal development as a human being and professional, making me a compassionate & creative leader. This journey alongside Pratap has instilled a firm belief in me that the higher your go up the professional ladder, in corporate or any other field, the more one needs a coach to enhance personal effectiveness as a leader in the game. Pratap is a very sincere coach with highest order of commitment to success of his mentee. His ability to link effective leadership styles with dynamic business environment is commendable. Using logical tools like TLC framework, he is able to first decode & then influence human behavior; and its consequent manifestation in leaders evolution in the most fundamental and sustainable manner. His coaching approach of prioritizing a few big development areas and then seamlessly linking & counselling on ‘input-output-outcomes’ is very effective in positively transforming leaders. I wish Pratap the very best in his coaching journey.”

“The thing that I have valued most about Pratap has been his insight into how organizations work, and how that insight can be translated into effective actions thatsenior business leaders can take forward in setting and delivering the strategies for their organizations. Pratap presents this insight with a passion and conviction that inspires people to sit up, listen and then take action. Pratap has proven to be an excellent sounding board for discussing business challenges and possible outcomes. He takes these challenges to heart, and looks to help in jointly finding a way that meets the business need in a way that best complements and fits with the strengths and values of the people that he coaches. I have personally benefited greatly from the time that I have spent with him, and count him not only as a good coach, but also as a good friend. Having personally experienced Pratap in action, I would not hesitate to recommend him as an executive coach for senior business leaders”
Walter de Oude
Chief Executive Officer | HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Private Limited

“Working with Pratap has been an exciting journey of self-discovery and transformational change. Pratap combines his sharp insight and deep experience across various organizations and cultures to teach me how to effect change in my organization and beyond, through changing myself. He strikes the right balance of an inspirational life perspective and practical advice. Pratap makes me wonder, and he continues to amaze me with his ability to make me self-identify the root cause of the issue at hand. Each session with Pratap is a refreshing and valuable experience. Though we have covered depth already, I feel I am still in the early stages of my journey with Pratap, and I look forward to
continuing this path together.”
Pim Altena
CEO, Lazada Express

“Pratap san has plenty of business achievements in his illustrious career with strong network of relationships. He gave valuable advice to us based on his rich experiences. His talking and the explanations he gave us are always clear and logical and intelligible even for Japanese. Also he sincerely listens to us and always understands even our Japanese’s poor English.In several discussions with Pratap san when he coached us through a major acquisition, I learned a lot from him and the most impressive message I still keep in my mind is “Good human relationship with customers will cause good business deals in-spite of all challenges.”
Satoshi OTAKE
President/Managing Director, Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

“Strong coaching foundations are built on trusted relationships. Pratap has the uncanny ability to inspire trust. He takes you on a path of self-discovery to bring out the best in you. The width and depth of his professional experience enables him to relate to the challenges faced by today’s corporate executives. He is passionate about his coaching role and he genuinely cares about the success of his coachees. I benefitted a lot from having him as a coach and would not hesitate to recommend him to other Senior Executives.”
Sudip Mall
Director, Emerging Asia Lego

“Pratap Nambiar is sensitive to the challenges of CEOs irrespective of their own or company culture. He listens well, and constantly looks for opportunities to help them understand their strengths and limitations. He does not shy away from telling the truth, because his sincerity and passion to help others succeed allows him the freedom to do so.”
Koh Ban Heng
CEO & Executive Director, Singapore Petroleum Company Ltd

“Pratap has a wealth of experience having been involved in developing and building strong, trusted relationships both with clients externally as well as internally and through a wealth of experience in many countries having worked in a number of countries with people from many different cultures. Pratap has the ability to quickly get to the issue and have strategic conversations with C-level executives.”
John Harrison
Chairman, KPMG Asia-Pacific & Deputy Chairman, KPMG International