“Pratap has provided me with invaluable insights, which have facilitated my integrating into the Kraft organization, post its acquisition of Cadbury. What I valued most about Pratap has been his insight into how organizations work, his perspectives on different leadership styles, and his very practical suggestions to translate that insight into effective actions. Pratap uses a holistic and flexible framework for coaching, that takes into account both personal and professional aspirations, is grounded in values, and is focused on leveraging one’s strengths. He has a deep commitment to the coaching process, and I found him to be an excellent sounding board for discussing challenges and possible outcomes. He takes these challenges to heart, and looks to help in jointly finding a way.”
Amit Banati
President North Asia & AP Strategy | Kraft Foods Asia Pacific

“I was fortunate to be associated with Pratap Nambiar who was my Master Coach as part of my Coach training. He also trained some of our other senior leadership team in Coaching. Pratap was passionate about the assignment and made sure that each one of us understood the nuances of Coaching and used his business experience as well as psychology for making us succeed in our coaching journey. As part of the assignment, Pratap helped me in getting my Coaches succeed in their jobs and they enjoyed the experience which changed their perspective about life. It is very rarely that a person connects so well at both personal and professional level. I would recommend Pratap strongly for any leadership assignment.”
K.A. Narayan
President, Human Resources, Raymond Ltd. India

“It’s so hard to think about “what gift” can I give to someone who has probably had the most profound impact on my adult life. What can you give someone, who gave a new direction to your life? I’m writing to you today Pratap, because today my life has come full circle. Your advice in the passing, “you must become still, calm, as water!, Nothing should destroy your equilibrium” is probably the most valuable advice you have given me. And probably the best advice I have gotten in my life! It was hard at first, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect! I’m still work in progress but the strides I have made both professionally and personally have been incredible. Business has grown manifold and is being run by capable people, the children are doing spectacularly well, Sunir continues to “dote” on me and the most important thing is that I finally gathered the courage to find my father and just yesterday he moved in to live with us. It really was the final piece of the puzzle in my life and the last bridge left to cross. I have never felt so calm, so happy and yet so completely in control of my life as I do now. The path forward looks clear and as they say ‘music is playing & the sun is shining’. And I know I could have never done this without your counsel, your support and your absolutely incredible coaching.
Thank you would sound so cliched and so inadequate. Words cannot express my gratitude. It has been an incredible journey with you and I do promise that I will be a model coachee and I hope I get an opportunity to make you very proud.”
Shailja Dutt
Managing Director
Stellar Search and Selection Pvt. Ltd

“It has been excellent working with Pratap. He evokes trust, genuinely cares for people and goes that extra mile in his endeavor to bring out the best in people. The mind has a tendency to get caught up in categories. The logical mind would say that if one thing is good, its opposite must be bad. But life and organizations don’t work entirely on logic. Pratap lays a lot of stress on developing the ability to balance appropriately between different polarities. This means not responding in a conditioned, limited, or partial way to ones perception of situations but responding from a free awareness in the present. Pratap’ diverse business background and strategic mindset coupled with an inherent intuitiveness and ability to understand people facilitates his holistic approach. He is a very effective sounding board when one is faced with business challenges and he has a unique ability to get to the bottom of the issue and offer feasible solutions. I am particularly impressed with Prataps clarity of thought. His quick grasp of situations and his ability to clearly articulate his insights is remarkable. I consider Pratap to be a valued friend and an inspiring role model.”
Rizwan Soomar
APM Terminals Mumbai

“I have known Pratap for a long time. His biggest strength is his clear thinking, and of course his sincerity and commitment to whatever he does. Having spent many years in leadership positions interacting with several cultures, Pratap is ideally suited to following what is clearly his passion- helping business leaders succeed.”
Venky Krishnakumar
Former Chief Operating Officer – Asia Pacific, Citigroup & Past &
Present Member of Board of Directors of several corporations

“I have been working with Pratap for the last 1 year and it has been a fascinating and enriching journey. Pratap’s approach to coaching has a very fine balance between customization and a structure which can be tailor made for the unique needs of the individual. His style is extremely focused and outcome driven in other words more content than form which appealed to me tremendously. His width and depth of work experience has contributed to his unique ability to help generate and synthesize insights and instantly build empathy. His coaching stint has helped me tremendously as an individual in not only getting a better understanding of myself but also to shape my future as a better leader. During the course of the year I have acquired a new friend who is warm, understanding and caring with a lot of wisdom and I look forward to an enduring association with him.”
Saugata Gupta
CEO Consumer Products Marico Limited

“I have listened to Pratap’s coaching as a trainer for the International Coach Academy, an ICF accredited program. He is a good strong coach, and he meets the ethical guidelines and standards of the profession fully. He coaches at the ACC level. During his coaching sessions, Pratap exhibits a powerful Coaching Presence. I observed him establishing trust with his client, and his Direct Communication was very supportive for the client’s objectives. Pratap’s Powerful Questions demonstrate an understanding of the client’s perspective, and he has an ability to communicate in very appropriate ways with his clients. Pratap Nambiar is able to facilitate Planning and Goal Setting by Creating Awareness during the coaching session. He understands and implements the coaching process well. He is a credit to our profession.”
Karen A
Cappello Learning Leader, International Coach Academy

“Pratap Nambiar was engaged by Abbott Laboratories to be my executive coach from May 2011. He came highly recommended by HC Kwok our Learning & Development Manager. Based on the work that Pratap has done with during the last six months – he has certainly not disappointed!Pratap is unique among executive coaches in that he has extensive business experience as CEO and in other senior leadership roles. The large majority of executive coaches have a HR background. Pratap’s business experience allows him insights into the machinations of corporate world. He knows how people’s minds operation large global organizations – particularly people in senior executive positions. His business experience and insights have been very evident from the coaching sessions with me. Pratap helped me correctly assess what would transpire based on certain developments in my work situation. Despite my own extensive business experience – I consider myself relatively naïve when compared to Pratap’s insights and experience!

Pratap has a unique coaching model which I believe will work for many people who seek his help to improve their business performance. He asks penetrating questions that will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. He will challenge you on what you really want to achieve and assist in changing perspectives and behaviors. He uses a few psychological assessments like Genos emotional intelligence assessment to increase self-awareness. His 360-degree feedback interview approach is unique because he doesn’t use standard tools which provide broad but generic feedback on a large spectrum of leadership attributes & behaviors. Instead, he personally interviews and talks directly to people who work with you and know how you operate in the workplace. Using this approach, he had been able to get amazingly rich insights. Yet, because of his sincerity he retains the ability to inspire self- belief and confidence in his clients.

Pratap’s devotion to his clients is unquestioned. He does not hesitate to spend weekends or even extend his coaching session to well beyond the time he has allocated for you. He is passionate and his desire for his clients to think positively and succeed is truly infectious. I would highly recommend Pratap to any senior business leader who wants to improve his business performance. If you are looking for a coach who has both a rich knowledge base in executive coaching as well as lots of business experience of his own – he will be the right person for you. Based on my experience, I’m sure that he will be able to help many of his clients have much better clarity about themselves and what they need to do in order to be more successful in their respective leadership roles.”
Chris Chua
Regional Director SE Asia, A&NZ Abbott Nutrition International