“Every top athlete in the world in every generation has needed a coach, a tutor, a mentor, a guru, or a just an overall teacher who help him or her be the best they can be and then some. CEOs and Executives of companies are no different. They need a special person who can help them remain or become the best, have confidence in themselves and lead through example. Pratap Nambiar is someone who I have known for a long time and his skills inhelping people to lead, comes from having the right balance of heart and mind, art and science to establish self-belief in his clients and bring changes to their lives so they can genuinely feel happy about their achievements.”
Vijay Amritraj
Indian tennis legend

“Sometimes, life deals us a blow or gifts us with extraordinary blessings that overtime become indelibly imprinted in our subconscious self . Unobtrusively, these significant moments shape our beliefs, values and behaviors and define who we are. There would be nagging moments of connection between our behaviors and those events but more often than not, we choose to ignore those connections and instead justify and rationalize our behaviors. The journey with Pratap Nambiar and the Malaysian Board of Management team presented a totally different me through the eyes of others – it was an unmasking of who I am- a regaining of my sight after a period of blindness. The peeling sessions from behaviors to values, beliefs and experiences led me back to a basic truth – that seeing the blows we’ve been dealt with or the blessings we’ve received in a different light changes our beliefs and drives striking changes in our behaviors. Because of this I have accepted 1 thing – that positive change – happiness- starts from our inner self and not from outside. That when we believe that change is possible so much that we feel the sensations of having that change happen – “the universe conspires to make the change a reality”.

This is what I owe Pratap. The journey continues for me. Knowing my belief system is a big start and changing it – making the shift – is the challenge I must win over and over again. Many thanks to you again Pratap and to my MY BOM family. I would not have transformed myself without you.”
Gerry Pagtalunan
Customer Service and Logistics Director, Mondelez Malaysia

“Some are born natural leaders; some blossom into leaders over time, with the right care and attention. With the right mentoring and coaching, good leaders can be turned into great leaders, much like how a master wine maker can turn an average harvest into a great vintage. Here is where Pratap Nambiar can add value to developing leaders. With his many years of experience in strategic thinking and working with many leaders, he understands what it takes in terms of mentoring and coaching to turn potential into reality. Young leaders in particular can benefit from having Pratap in a mentoring and coaching role to make them more effective leaders.”
Danny Teoh
Managing Partner, KPMG Singapore

“Pratap came into our life at a very critical stage when I was working hard with the rest of my leadership team to win one of the most strategic business contracts for our organization. He came in to coach us and provided us with the strategic direction and platform to prepare a winning proposal. He showed us how we could deliver more value to our client than our competition. With his unbridled optimism, amazing levels of energy, and great attention to detail, he inspired me and my team to work very hard and with much enthusiasm to eventually win the trust of the client. I thank Pratap for the experience and guidance which my team and I will cherish. It has provided me with the impetus to take our organization to a whole new level of growth.”
Jocelyn Chng
Managing Director, Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd

“Pratap Nambiar’s long term involvement in streamlining our business model and coaching our management took the business to an entirely new level. What stood out was his ability to help us grow in spite of the usual resource crunch that all start up entrepreneurs face. From a Singapore headquartered SME , we have ranked 86 in Deloitte’s fast growing technologycompanies list in Asia Pacific for 2010. I am convinced, he will be helping more and more entrepreneurs to achieve success and wish him good luck in all his assignments.”
Vinod Menon
Founder and Chairman MindWave Solutions Pte Ltd

“To give a full appreciation of the power of Pratap’s coaching expertise, I first need to give you a brief background of my situation. I have spent 28 years in the corporate world with Kraft Foods, the world’s 2nd largest food company. I have worked extensively in Europe, U.S.A., Latin America and Asia in different roles and levels of the organization. I have been fortunate enough to work for some great leaders and have had many coaching and training interventions which have supported my personal and career development. Suddenly, at a critical stage of my career, I started to feel a loss of purpose and direction resulting in a loss of clarity and energy in my life. I was then introduced to Pratap and within 10 minutes, I knew that my life was going to change for the good, and believe me, it has! Pratap is unique. He not only has extensive business and life experience but also an engaging style supported by incredible HR & Coaching Capabilities. It is “ALL ABOUT YOU” and his skilled questioning and supportive nature helps you dig deeper into yourself, internalizing the knowns and the unknowns which bring you a fresh perspective. Pratap does an extensive 360o interviewing process that draws out compelling feedback which adds much richness to the in-depth personal sessions that you share with him. Pratap has also been very supportive (often working at weekends) in helping me define my action plan for the future. Pratap’s unique ability makes the experience engaging, personal and very fulfilling. My time with Pratap has helped me set an exciting course for the next phase of my career, and I would like to personally thank him for his sincerity and contribution to my future.”
Andy Tosney
Vice President Sales, Kraft Foods Asia Pacific

“Pratap has a wealth of experience working with leaders across a variety of organizations, spread across a number of countries and leverages his insights in helping leaders develop skills to become effective while operating in complex organizations. He has a tremendous ability to understand the specific situation, simplify the issue and get his clients to focus on the core issues to be addressed. He is very thoughtful, a very good listener and a good writer – his writings continue to provide the guidance and reinforcements long after in-person discussions.”
Milind Pasad
Director, Commodities Trading, Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore Branch

“The two years that you worked with the senior leadership of Cholayil was a time that “meaningfully “went by. The interaction brought in a sense of “inner reflection” and helped us understand that the “highly gloated ego “ acquired over the past, along with outdated belief systems needs to be shed to achieve personal and professional growth. You rightly made me understand that “what worked well earlier, need not work now” and one needs to adapt with the circumstance and change. Thanks for instilling confidence when the chips were down. You played the role of a “coach” so well that it has given me and all the leaders, greater confidence to meet “corporate reality””
Shibu Jacob
Head – HR & Admin Cholayil Pvt Ltd