“I have still to come across a more impactful and powerful leadership assessment process such as The Leadership Circle. Clearly a lot of insight and imagination has gone into developing this. Very few 360 degree feedback tools does what the Leadership Circle is capable of doing; i.e. get to the crux of looking at an individual’s performance in a very holistic sense; but more importantly provide the linkages and clues that can help a leader introspect and drive deep personal change. The only caution; like with all sophisticated tools, you require a facilitator who is highly skilled in interpreting the results. This is where I must commend Pratap Nambiar who helped me with an excellent debrief. It did a couple of things for me; charged me with positivity, helped in clarifying behaviors and performance issues that seemed hazy and re-enforced my belief in TLC. I want to thank him for his commitment and sincerity. He handled the feedback and conversation wonderfully; his interpretation was bang on and the overall impact made is much appreciated. I now look forward to the next step of the coaching journey.”
Vice President – Learning & Development
The Indian Hotels Company Limited, Mumbai – 400 001
The Leadership Circle (TLC)

“I undertook a very interesting and transformational journey for almost a year with Pratap as my coach. The changes I have been able to make in my thinking and behavior has had a direct and positive impact on my business. I have become more decisive and a more effective leader who i able to interact with courageous authenticity at all levels. Most critically, I have developed a mind- set that is consistent with my long term vision with a firm belief that leadership is inside out and not outside in.”
Rajen Mariwala
Managing Director
Eternis India

“Dear Pratap
As I reflect over the coaching journey that we went through with you during the last 8 months, I could not resist writing to you to express our gratitude for the difference you have made to us as a team. We were a team of 9 individuals, coming from diverse nationalities & knew very little about each other. All of us had our past successes with us but were now placed in a unique environment which had more than a fair share of its business challenges. We had only one thing in common – a passion to make a difference and achieve our dream of making Mondelez Malaysia – a role model business in the Mondelez world. I knew the key to our success and the organization’s success was to build a highly engaged and motivated leadership team which could lead Mondelez team to achieve its dream and vision. Your credentials gave me a lot of confidence but I still had ‘butterflies’ in my stomach as this was the first time we were embarking upon group and 1-2-1 coaching together.

I think the exercise on “discovering each other’s intrinsic motivations “ was a fantastic start point as it helped us in understanding each other at a deeper level and we could clearly understand the ‘why” behind each other’s actions and behaviors. The individual/group sessions around this were simply fantastic. The next “aha” moment was the “Leadership Circle profile’ experience. I have been through many leadership assessments but this was the most comprehensive and actionable exercise. It helped me understand my leadership competencies (as seen by me and also others) and relate them to my inner beliefs. We all began to understand the “why’ behind our behaviors which had a direct impact on our leadership competencies. As a result of this leadership circle, each one of us has understood what beliefs need to shift for us to change our behaviors and become an Effective Leader. We are working on the action plans agreed with you and since these were shared amongst ourselves – we are as a group encouraging each other to keep at it. Thank you for making a difference in our lives. We would stay in touch and check-in”
Sunil Sethi
Managing Director
Mondelez Malaysia

“Pratap is a unique blend of a coach, a mentor and a business partner. His style is very invasive as he spends an extraordinary time to understand leadership behaviours and patterns to delayer the underlying belief system. He has influenced my beliefs with a single minded objective of increasing business impact. He is grounded in business and his wide ranging international experiences make the coaching dialogues rich and meaningful. Pratap easily won my trust that allowed me to be vulnerable and embrace his counsel to grow both as an individual and as a leader. I recommend Pratap to senior leaders who aspire to maximize their leadership potential.”
Ajay Pahwa, CEO Kaya Skin
Clinic Marico Limited

“A new journey began for me after you started coaching me, showed me a direction of hope to succeed. You opened my mind to show me the green pastures of life to enjoy & cherish. You are a true guiding force for me & my people in the organization, the strategic workshop you conducted, gave us a direction to show us the potential we had to look beyond our success. Your support will drive us to grow with passion to win our goals.”
VS Pradeep
Managing Director – Cholayil Group India

“I found the entire journey very energizing as unlike other coaching exercises, Pratap tends to address the shifts required from first principles- he has helped me address this right at the belief system level and then identify desired shifts and change in habits and behaviorrequired. This approach makes these shifts sustainable and durable. This in turn enables the individual to be a more complete leader.”
Vijay Subramaniam
CEO, International Business Group Marico Limited

“In the two years starting 2010 that Pratap has been coaching me and other leaders of Cholayil, I have become extremely self-aware which has helped shape my perspectives towards work and life. The stakeholder centric process of coaching based on changing one’s belief systems brought about changes in my behavior that had a direct impact on business performance. It has been a wonderful journey for me and my colleagues whose dysfunctional behaviors have been replaced with trust and mutual respect for one another.”
Nivas Salian
Senior VP Sales & Marketing Cholayil Pvt Ltd

“Dear Pratap, It is with considerable regret that the Board of Directors has decided to accept your resignation as Board member of Thakral Corporation Ltd with effect from 31 December 2015. I have personally enjoyed working with you over the last six and half years after you joined the Board of Thakral Corporation Ltd in July 2009. Your contribution as a Board member over that period has been invaluable and you never failed to bring fresh insight and discernment into the various challenges that the Board constantly faced during your period of tenure. As you may well remember, during your early years as a member of the Board, the Board had to make difficult decisions and faced some tough challenges. However, the Board wasable to meet and resolve these satisfactorily, and your contribution during the discussions were succinct and penetrating. Your analysis of the issues on hand together with suggestions on solutions often acted as a catalyst to help the Thakral to successfully move forward to the next stage.

In particular, I had and still have considerable admiration for your independent thinking and always maintaining your role as an independent director in all circumstances and ensuring that the minority shareholders’ interests were always protected. All members of the Board appreciated your commitment to Thakral and your role as an independent director. You not only helped to move forward the Board’s thinking on important issues such as Board renewal, succession of senior management persons and evaluation of the CEOs, but also had practical ideas how to improve the Group’s top and bottom line. I know that your Chairmanship of Thought Perfect as well as other advisory work that you are involved in both in and out of Singapore keeps you very busy and has
led you to the decision to step down from the Board. The Board members join me in thanking you for your contribution during your period of service as a Board member and wish you success and all your endeavours. Wishing you a very happy 2016 and beyond.”
N Subramaniam
Thakral Corporation Ltd