“Coaching with Pratap was a journey of self-discovery. The Leadership Circle profile assessment was a surprise as I had never thought that I get perceived in the way the report showed. Walks in Pratap who knows exactly the right questions to ask which led to the discovery of some great insights for me. Pratap has shown me new dimensions that I was never aware about. His insights led me to eliminate all doubts that I had about myself. He has introduced me to various new concepts and most importantly to the power of Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness, a process which helps me to focus on my sense of being and keeps me away from regretting my past or living in fear of an uncertain future. This coaching represents the start of my journey to senior leadership and has also provided me the foundation for personal growth and inner peace. Within an intensive span of 6 months, I havemade choices to create a clear path to my future by redefining my priorities and my next goals. Pratap has connected with me on a personal level which has helped me find deep meanings in my own behaviors and action… his hypnotherapy sessions, great questions and gentle nudges have helped me to discover some very deep insights about my inner being and how I can grow professionally and personally. Pratap has helped me define the glide path of my transformation very seamlessly. Pratap as a professional has a unique sense of interest in my life and his insights and direction were bang on. His support and championing of my goals was a vital encouragement and I look forward to our continuing relationship. I would like to thank him for everything he has done which is clearly linked to business impact.”
Sanjay Mishra
Chief Operating Officert
Marico India Sales and Bangladesh Business

“For me, it has been a great six months together. As far as my memory goes (past decade), I never got thrilled by anything other than my projects in professional life. I was looking for a change to hasten the next part of my professional journey. I was clueless as I was not very clear about what I should change and what I should take as a new way of life. AND, it ultimately happened. I feel very happy and also fortunate to go through the coaching with you. I truly feel that my perspective about leadership has changed dramatically after spending so many hours of coaching with you. My myopic view of leadership changed to a more holistic, broader and engaging one. Your analysis, perspective and the situation building has been amazing and very precise. Thanks for adding great value to my personal being. Today I feel at peace and more energized to engage with my work which will ultimately create huge value for everyone.
Sudhakar Mhaskar
Chief Technology Officer
Marico Limited

“My coaching journey with Pratap has had an everlasting impact. From the first moment you meet him, Pratap inspires both trust and faith that he would be able to understand you.Pratap is not a coach for the faint hearted. From asking tough questions to pushing you to take tough calls, Pratap says what you need to hear. But once you let him in, he is the most caring coach that you can ask for. Pratap pushes you and helps you transform in the best possible way but makes you feel like you did it yourself. For me, he was special, as his ability to balance a business perspective with a personal one really helped me understand and navigate a new organization and culture. He introduced me to mindfulness, which has helped me start the journey of self-transformation with a calm mind. The tools he used from the leadership circle, values grid et al, helped me delve deep into my beliefs and discover my motivations and look beyond my blind spots.
Pratap has the uncanny ability of separating the real from the fluff and can hone into the precise issue instantly, but often he lets you meander and arrive at the epiphany yourself, which makes the point stay with you forever. My journey of self-transformation has just begun, but my friendship with Pratap seems lifelong.”
Anuradha Aggarwal
Chief Marketing
Officer, Marico Ltd.

“It is indeed my pleasure talking about a dear friend and my Coach Pratap Nambiar. Around mid-2013, one of the major challenges faced by our organization was the lack of alignment in thought and action of the senior leadership team. This was slowing down the rate of anticipated growth. Individually, each one of them was a star performer, however; the biggest challenge was to help them work together and take collective ownership of the agenda set for the company to grow. Even after several attempts at counseling, the chemistry between the senior leadership was not working and we needed to resolve this issue. Pratap was assigned the task to identify the core behavioral aspects affecting the lack of alignment and ownership within the senior leadership that comprised of top 8 CXO’s who directly reported to the CEO. This leadership team was expected to take the organization to the next level of orbit. The assignment involved assessing leadership effectiveness to establish if the individual and collective leadership quotient was working in our favor or against us. It was a lifetime experience for me to be a part of this transformational exercise. Pratap first established the organization’s Leadership Culture based on inputs from the top 100 executives. This was an eye opener. He then used the Leadership Circle process to conduct a 360 exercise establishing the profile of each leader displaying their competencies and consciousness. This allowed us to understand each of our One Big Thing in terms of behavioral challenge related to our Leadership Quotient.

Post this each of the leaders went through a comprehensive 12 sessions personal coaching on their One Big Thing. Pratap used the Immunity to Change coaching process based on Robert Kegan’s work targeted at a deeper understanding of core beliefs and conflicting commitments that was holding back the intended change. This was very powerful since for the first time we understood we were driving with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake. Immunity to change helped each one of us validate/invalidate our core assumptions with each other and in that process we built strong respect and trust for each other. We also spent several sessions as a group where we explained to each other why we showed up the way we did.Pratap conducted the coaching and the workshops always keeping the business goals in mind. These interventions brought in significant insights into human behavior that helped the organization to grow at a much faster pace than we had anticipated. Today we have acquired a great business and have grown almost double in size in the last 24 months with an organic growth exceeding CAGR 25% year on year. This was possible due to the tremendous self-awareness and the positive energy with which the leaders approached their task. The coaching journey had a huge impact on how our minds became more evolved and we learnt to overcome adaptive challenges. The change can be seen in how the leadership has moved from a reactive mindset to a creative one in the last 24 months to help grow the organization in line with our defined aspirations. We have got a significant return on the investment we made with Pratap.
Thank you Pratap and wish you all the very best.”
Rajesh Udhoji
Chief People Officer
OmniActive Health Technologies Limited

“Being coached by Pratap when I was at a pivotal point in my career and personal life, basically turned my life in a different and better direction. I had reached the top of my career but my management style was one of achieving results at all costs to the detriment of interpersonal working relationships. This approach also affected my personal life and family relationships. I had always been of the opinion that “business is business: compassion is not an option.” This had become my motto, my lifestyle until I joined the Leadership Coaching Program with Pratap. He started by conducting an inventory of my existing working relationships by getting the views of my peers and direct reports and establish my leadership ability and style. This was the benchmark for him and an awakening for me. As my focus as CEO was always on the company’s ‘bottom line,’ the end result was much more important to me than the means of getting there. The feedback received was invaluable, I was considered to be a “take no prisoners leader with only one goal,the financial result.” Pratap approached my ‘rehabilitation’ with great enthusiasm and encouragement, assuring me that by the end of the development program I would be transformed to a new person. If I am honest I was very sceptical at the beginning because ` For over 20 years I had run my business and personal life with a pure results driven approach, so how could I change in one year?”. A tall order indeed, but one that I accepted as my life was not going in the direction I really wanted. Pratap enabled me to take responsibility for my own personal development, but to also, involve my colleagues, bosses and other stakeholders in my development program. Hisapproach was to focus on the development of my inner BEING to facilitate sustainable changes in behaviour consistent with a strong inside out focus.

He helped me to explore my inner self, to reflect and to explore my self-beliefs and discover why I showed up the way I did. As Pratap is also a hypnotherapist he was able to address some deeper issues that shaped my inner being, and my approach to work and life in general. This was invaluable and had a deep impact on me personally. I learned that work and personal life cannot really be separated. I became self-aware, and began to understand what made me tick. Although initially cynical about ‘hypnotherapy’ I decided to commit to the process as I had nothing to lose. That was the most important decision I made in my journey to reinvent myself. The sessions allow me to appreciate that the actions that I took are originated from my beliefs; these beliefs are embedded within my subconscious mind. To understand “why” I had to be brave enough to open up and look at my inner self in a safe place. The therapy allowed me to get closure on a long standing issue, and accept that being a leader requires mindfulness (I practice it every day now). The beliefs that I had been carrying around was reflected in my actions, which caused conflict with those closest to me. It was a wonderful journey to understand myself and to change my beliefs and also accept some of the new beliefs. The tipping point came when I walked out of Pratap’s office after a session and realised that “yes, I can change because I am not afraid to face my emotions, because my feelings would become my new strength’. To this day I practise what I have learned in the therapy sessions in both my personal and business life with great success. To my mind, this is the way I want to move forward, being mindful and deliberate in my approach,
and how I will continue to interact with people in my professional and personal life. My family, my colleagues and my bosses have all seen my transformation and they acknowledge that the leader in me is still alive. Finally, I have no reservations in recommending Pratap Nambiar and his coaching program to any business leader, who wants to maximise his or her performance potential. Thank you Pratap.”
Lakhvinder Singh
CEO, Energy Management, ASEAN

“Coaching with Pratap was a journey I never ever thought about in my career. It’s almost 6 months now that we are interacting and I must put on record his ability to read the data, bring sense and put across in a very simple way.He has clarity in the leadership process / approach and also understand that change cannot be brought about immediately however, he has patience to do so. For me, it was a very good experience to be a part of this transformational exercise at relatively early stage of my career and in “lot of ways” it was an eye opener. Pratap’s has both professional as well as personal approach to get into a meaning full dialogue and build rapport. I wish him a great success and good health in coming years!”
Vikas Saxena
Vice President
Country Divison Lead
Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

“We always feel that we know ourselves completely – wait until you meet Pratap. His self- assessment process is quite radical. A real eye opener with hard hitting truth, sometimes difficult to accept, and leading to self-denial. However once you have gone through the motions together with Pratap you start seeing it from a completely different angle and the huge untapped potential gap as a Leader. This was exactly how my transformation journey began. Pratap helped me identify those negative core belief systems which were restraining /holding me back from delivering up to my full potential. His simple & precise approach helped to focus and work upon improving on my deeply ingrained negative belief systems as also avoid building new ones! I consider meeting Pratap as an important milestone in my professional life, one which has brought a complete paradigm shift in my approach and transforming me not only into a more balanced Leader but also a far better human being!.”
Narsingh Chaudhary
Senior Vice President and
Head of Strategy & Business Excellence
Siemens Pte Ltd

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