“To whom it may concern,
I am writing this to express my perspectives on Pratap Nambiar. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Pratap over the past year, and he has made a profound impact on Kellogg Company and my team during that time. Some background would be helpful. Pratap was our advisor for arguably one of the most complex transactions in Kellogg’s 100+ year history; the transaction involved creating a longterm partnership and making a significant investment in a high growth area for the Company. The potential rewards were high, as were the risks. At the end of the day, these types of transactions occur if they are based on trust and mutual respect. Pratap created the environment and connections to help make that happen. Pratap contributed on many levels and played numerous roles during the year¬long process. He was a strategic advisor for the Company, cultural and professional coach for my team, and mediator for both parties when the inevitable disagreement, misunderstanding, or tension arose. This was expected given the complexity of the transaction and the fact that the key players worked across time zones from Singapore, Nigeria to the United States. It is clear to me now that Pratap’s ability to create trust with and earn the respect of the key decision makers was a key to our success.
John Bryant
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Kellogg Company

“It was an amazing journey diving into the depth of my personality as it existed – not a mirror image of my surface personality being shown to me. When Pratap listened to me, I felt that I am entering his brain through my communication. On the contrary, the reverse was true, and he could unravel things that I did not know about me. As an absolutely non-judgmental persona, Pratap made me understand the genuine changes in my beliefs that would then manifest as a new behavior. This has really helped me in being focused on the future to deliver my promise to Thermax as its leader. I am confident that the style and behavioral corrections that Pratap has been able to sculpt in me will increase my leadership effectiveness, both at the management and board level of the company. Thanks Pratap for inventing me for myself.
M S Unnikrishnan
Managing Director & CEO
Thermax Limited

“Pratap’s initial work on the Leadership Circle at GrupoKaybee has clearly highlighted to all stakeholders that every business is only as good as the quality of its collective leadership. Hiscontinued work coaching our senior team has helped us shed the collective baggage of entrenched behaviors and to look at clients, markets and strategies with renewed potential and to a path of growth. Individual sessions have significantly raised self-awareness and perspective. Coaching sessions focused on the concepts of Immunity to Change; an ongoing process which empowers one to fully appreciate conflicting commitments, make pertinent plans for the future and execute with renewed confidence. Pratap’s intense and deeply involved coaching methods have directly contributed to a change of style and thinking with pursuant measurable changes in outcomes both for me individually as well as for the senior leadership team at Grupo Kaybee.”
Govind Karunakaran
Chief Executive Officer

“I found my coaching journey with Pratap to be very meaningful in that:
-The Leadership Circle was a helpful feedback process which made me understand where I was coming from and what I need to change, in order to enhance my effectiveness as a leader -Our discussions helped me think through my purpose / vision for the organisation and what excites me -Discussions with my CEO have become much more focused and purposeful.
My sincere thanks to you for your time, care and valuable inputs – never once making us feel that this was an assignment.”
Meher Pudumjee
Thermax Limited