To orchestrate the creation of wholesome leadership that understands one can do good and do well at the same time. Whenever an organization thinks of improving their leadership effectiveness they will think of Thought Perfect.


We are here to help leaders live their professional & personal lives with greater satisfaction to spread joy and well-being, to elevate and educate and maximize performance potential.

Thought Perfect is a Singapore based executive coaching and leadership consulting firm founded by Pratap Nambiar, dedicated to helping C level executives maximize their professional and personal potential. We will do this through leadership consulting sustained by one-on-one coaching to enable clients to achieve clarity of thought and purpose which will lead to the desired changes in their behavior that ensures desired outcomes.

Thought Perfect will consistently provide the best ROI on consulting/ coaching which will be reflected in the quality of results achieved by its clients.


Our core competence:

Bringing about shifts in leadership perspectives: we change beliefs that will transform leadership behaviors to shape business outcomes.

We are anchored by Customer intimacy and clear strategic thinking. The ability to develop deep insights into your evolving needs and facilitate the development of appropriate thought patterns that will shape executive behavior and lead to desired outcomes. It is based on the philosophy “as an executive thinks, so he will become.” Our methodology lends itself to the basic premise of our philosophy “to change his life, each executive has to establish a new premise in his thinking. Perfect thoughts lead to changes in behavior that will deliver the desired perfect outcomes”. It comes from addressing the underlying belief systems of each leader. What has brought them success so far will not necessarily help them attain success in the future.

Hence our tagline “clear thinking made visible”. Effectively what that implies is that clarity of thought becomes visible through the actions that it stimulates. Clear thoughts act as catalysts for action whilst muddled thinking invariably leads to diffidence and inaction. ‘You are where your thoughts have brought you; you will be where your thoughts will take you’- James Allen.

The success of a coach is measured by the actions of the client – actions that lead to the client’s desired future state. Our coaching methodology is goal oriented and action oriented hence it will always deliver “lasting change” which guarantees a much greater ROI than training or any other form of coaching. “There are a thousand thoughts within a person that they do not know till they take up a pen to write” said William Makepeace Thackeray. Thought Perfect would add ‘or till they begin to work with an appropriate coach”.

We will deliver both short term and long term coaching results based on your needs. Our ability to understand the nuances of a company’s culture and the challenges senior executives face combined with the application of our core methodology in a customized fashion gives us differential advantage. Our ability to build trusted relationships with clients will also add to our differentiation.