Providing Feedback To Drive Change
By Pratap Nambiar for The Business Times Effective feedback is all about the intention – which is essentially to help improve performance of an individual or a team. Feedback is critical for improving behaviour, but it cannot be done in a critical manner. When is the best time to give feedback? In real time. Right there when you see something inappropriate that has just happened. Waiting for the six-monthly appraisal time is too late.
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Work As A Pilgrimage Of Identity
Social scientist Karl Deutsch observed it as “the ability to afford not to learn”. The greatest challenge that young managers face is that as they grow and become leaders, their power and authority increase and with it begins the depreciation of their intellectual capital.
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Growing the leadership mind is integral to organizational success
In today’s volatile and uncertain world filled with ambiguity, it becomes necessary to reconcile polarities, which requires a shift from seeing choices as either-or and embracing a third way that reconciles both perspectives creatively.
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Straight From The Heart

Life’s a journey – so is being a good leader
By Pratap Nambiar For The Straits Times
Lack of self-awareness, especially of how others see you, is a blind spot that can ruin careers.
In my past 10 years of leadership coaching, it has become clear that leaders who are self-aware have the ability to see themselves clearly, to understand who they are, how others see them and how they fit into their organisation or the world in general.
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The bane of CEO effectiveness – a big ego
By Pratap Nambiar for The Sunday Times
Singapore business leaders rank among the top in global database… for arrogance
I was chatting about my recent leadership coaching experiences with Mr Bob Anderson, the founder of United States-based The Leadership Circle and co-author of the book, Mastering Leadership.
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The challenges of leading a team when the chips are down
By Pratap Nambiar for The Straits Times
It’s all about people, beliefs and values. To shift from a poor to performance culture, an organisation’s leaders must work with people to give them a sense of purpose.
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