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The Thought Perfect Value Proposition

The Thought Perfect Value Proposition

Why Thought Perfect?

We will enhance and harness the performance potential of your leaders to make them more effective and efficient to improve business performance.
Profit potential depends on our ability to create value for clients in a unique way that others find difficult to emulate. The key words here are – “create value” and “unique way”.
This is the Business Idea on the basis of which we at Thought Perfect develop and implement strategy. And the essence of strategy is to convert resources into competencies and deploy these effectively to create sustained competitive advantage for our clients. The implication is that we compete on the strength of our competencies, not our products.

What is difficult to imitate is our Culture, Brand, Reputation, Client Power, and People. This is where we create the greatest differentiation. Hence when clients perceive us differently, it is essentially for two characteristics:
a) Thought Perfect delivers greater value
b) the way we do it is unique in that the other firms cannot do it the same way.

Core competence
Bringing about shifts in leadership perspectives: we change beliefs that will transform leadership behaviors to shape business outcomes.
It is Thought Perfect’s distinctive competency which creates greater value for clients by helping them achieve their strategic goals. This is what makes us the firm of choice.

It comes from two critical components:
a) The degree of alignment between our services and the client’s needs: in other words the degree of customization. And customization depends on our diagnostic skills i.e. the greater the number of needs identified, the greater the number of services aligned, hence the greater the value perceived. Our ability to have strategic conversations therefore becomes a critical differentiator. (The way we leverage knowledge, our business insights, technology etc are the enablers that will allow us to prepare better and improve the degree of alignment).
b) The strength and intensity of relationship with the client: Who meets the client at what level and how often? This is the other factor that influences the perception of value. It essentially means client intimacy with a strong intensity of interaction and a relationship based on trust. The way we deliver value, the “process” which is difficult to emulate.

Quality of people and process
Obviously this is not easy. But we have people who have mastered the art and science of achieving alignment, and increase the strength of our trusted relationship to make it a part of our culture. Our people’s values and beliefs shape our behavior which is single-mindedly focused on delivering value to our clients by improving their business performance.

Quality is a given. It can only line us up for the race. It cannot help us win, unless our services represent a uniquely differentiated benefit for our clients, which our competition cannot offer.
And that we know is what we have set out to achieve and have been doing so for years.
All the investments needed in the areas of innovation and operational efficiency have to be in place to ensure quality. Quality is what we put into our services; value is what the client gets out of it. Hence our strategy is to develop the right balance by combining our highest quality of leadership consulting, and sustain it with the ultimate in business performance coaching to drive lasting change. This balance, and the way we have institutionalized it, is what gives us the
ultimate differential advantage.

“The thought manifests as the word;
the word manifests as the deed;
the deed develops into the habit;
and habit hardens into character.
So watch your thought with care and let it spring from love borne out of concern for all beings… As the shadow follows the body as we think we become.”
-Gautama Buddha

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“You are where your thoughts have brought you; you will be where your thoughts will take you”.
-James Allen
Inspirational writer and author of As a Man Thinketh