Strategic management in a recession requires decision making that will not only address the organization’s current situation but also help senior executives get in shape for the upturn that is bound to come. In a slow growth environment there is an urgent need to shift the focus of strategy from growth in market share to growth in profitable market share. There is a world of difference between the two and often requires serious realignment of company culture and operating structure. As CEOs focus on reducing costs they cannot give up the drive to grow the top line profitably. The market is still full of opportunities and leaders need to find ways to help the organization achieve profitable revenue growth.
When the process of strategic thinking is combined with coaching it has a very powerful impact. One of the greatest challenges of executives is how to keep up with so much change, in relation to themselves, their team members and their clients. Through a better understanding of the strategic shift, they can work with their coach to identify their knowledgeskills gaps and find out how coaching can support them in dealing with the challenges they face.
Business coaching will help senior executives (one on one) to maximize their potential. In a complex and changing environment executives will need a resource that will help them become more self aware in a purely non- judgmental way, and help them address the growth challenges they face.

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